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4 Levels Of Game-play Difficulty: What's Yours?

What Difficulty Setting Would You Play Your Live Gaming Scenarios On? 

If you had the choice of how hard you want to make the gameplay for your live gaming missions, what would you choose? 

Do you like to play easy or get challenged? 

SET gameplay difficulty

Just like in many video games in the SATR Laser Tag system the Game Masters or Gamers can select the difficulty level on the boot-up set difficulty level.

Battlefield Operators (aka Game Masters) can quickly configure the difficulty level for the gameplay of the LARP or live gaming mission they are running. SATR has four difficulty settings.

The difficulty level is set on an individual gaming gun. Imagine you have 51 players playing a mission together, several groups have booked in to play a public session. You as the Game Master divide the group into two teams. On one team there are 25 new players. On the other team, there are 23 new players and 3 veteran gamers.  In this scenario, you can set the veteran gamers playing on "hard" mode in the same scenario as an intermediate player whose gaming guns are set on "easy".

(Mind you, if I could avoid it, I wouldn't put a NEWBIE gamer, that is to say, someone who has never played this style of live gaming before up against a Veteran player. This is because no matter how you handicap the Vet he or she is likely to smash the recruit!)

Set Your Game Difficulty Level

The SATR3 laser tag system offers four levels of difficulty:

  • Easy
  • Standard 
  • Hard, and 
  • Legendary. 

Difficulty Setting: Easy Mode

The setting the difficulty level to "Easy" is great for entertaining young children for birthday parties or school events. If you set a gaming gun to easy this makes aiming easier. Plus players get unlimited ammo and automatically reloads. This works well with the Laser Tag or family-friendly theme.

When we run a mobile laser tag event, say for a kid's birthday party we always set our "phasers" to easy mode.

This mode config means gamers can be tagged only once every 2 seconds. Also, there is no recoil simulation meaning that the red dot inside the red dot scope remains on all the time. Also making it easy to play, all gaming guns have auto-reload. The default hit points are 5. More, players get unlimited ammo.

Difficulty Setting: Standard Mode

The setting the difficulty level to "standard" mode is perfect for teens and adult gamers.

We select "standard" mode when we are running team-building exercises for corporate teams, such as BHP or Coke. This is appropriate for the Battlefield LIVE theme. The gameplay when using "standard" is just that not easy, in other words, it is just a bit harder. Gamers need to reload themselves by pressing the red (left) button.

Players can be tagged once every second. And as default, the red dot inside the scope flashes twice when you tag someone and 4 times when you kill them (although this can be overwritten). The default hit points are 5. In this mode, gamers get limited ammo - the magazine size and reload times depend on which weapon emulation the player selects.

Difficulty Setting: Hard Mode

The hard mode is great if you want to make the gameplay hard!!

We only use this difficulty level for clan wars or tournaments. Gamers can be tagged once every half second. Gamers get three hit points as a default. Recoil as on as a default. Players get limited ammo - the magazine size and reload times depend on which weapon emulation the player selects. The default is three hit points, rather than the normal five.

This means, potentially, after only one and a half seconds you are heading back to your base camp for the Medic Box to get a respawn. 

Difficulty Setting: Legendary Mode

The setting the difficulty level to "Legendary" is great for tournament players or veteran games. And it is WAY, way harder than "hard"! 

To Summarize: It Is Over to You - How About YOU?

Do you want it easy-peasy? 

Or do you like a real challenge? 

Which difficulty level suits your style of gameplay?

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