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We are Fascinated about Gamers

Yes, We are Fascinated About Gamers

How they play, what they play and how they get the best out of their games. We have been participant-observers to gain a close and intimate familiarity with the sub-culture of live gamers.

laser skirmish gamers We dived into field research to gain insights just waiting to be discovered.

We set out with a clear gold in mind - to reinvent live gaming.

We call it Battlefield LIVE, others name is "laser tag" or "Laser Skirmish”, but whatever the Nom de Guerre we set out to re-invent the way people play from the inside out.

We wanted to make gaming guns that gave the gamer an experience, every time. We knew gamers wanted instant gratification, positive re-enforcement that yes, they DID get that other guy!

Ideas + Technology = SATR

Battlefield Sports has been designing leading-edge gaming technology since 1999. Pioneering designs for pioneering gamers. Our first gaming guns were big and heavy and strong. Over time our gaming guns have become smaller, more refined, still robust but easier to maintain.

As we observed and recorded insights into how people gamed, we thought of ways we could solve each issue. Our gaming engineers went back to basics. Rather than tweaking the existing software which worked well in the progression from v1.6 to v1.65, we started at the drawing board.

Right back at the beginning.

Our aim was to perfect each component, then reprogram the software to put these innovations together to create the best possible gaming experience.
The concept of creating a gaming technology that exceeded expectations in intuitiveness, design, and performance was an exciting goal.
We love to create beautifully designed gaming guns, but the real product is the GAME as it is experienced by the gamer.

This was the starting point for rethinking SATR – Generation 3.

It also led us to look closely at our Battlefield Operators’ frustrations. Like easily switching between indoor and outdoor gaming modes, SATR 2 has been built with a mixture of battlefield operator insight and common sense.

We're Gamers Too

Our gaming engineers and gaming testers are all passionate about gaming and use Battlefield Sports products every week. Our Battlefield Operators' frustrations were the same as ours (because we run our own battlefields) this gave us a personal perspective on what gamers needed to improve and re-invent.

We knew gamers love perks like those from in video-games such as Call of Duty.

We knew gamers love zombies.

Of course, we still love our battle games – after all, “Domination” is the one game to rule them all. We have kept our battlefield heritage.

But we took these dual-hypotheses and we looked for patterns and we started our analysis.

We asked: how can this be done better?

commandore vic 20Here at Battlefield Sports our designers and technicians and testers are gamers too. We are passionate about the thrill of tactics, we have a soft spot for strategy. And we’ve been playing video-games since the Commodore VIC-20.

OMG, I think that dates me! But I still remember writing my first software game “Rogue Island”.

We know the disappointment when our clan loses. We know the exhilaration when our clan is victorious. 

So we channeled these insights about frustrations and glories into a new generation of technology.

Then we set about exhaustive testing of every function in a variety of terrains.

Via part alchemy, part science we’ve created a new generation of technology – SATR 3.

Technology that has impressed even our toughest critics - ourselves!