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Warhammer 40K Kill Team Goes LIVE at PAX Unplugged

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Warhammer 40K Partnered with Battlefield Sports to Create a Live-Action Kill Team Experience at PAX

Imagine Orks. Imagine Imperial Guardsmen. Imagine testing your best war-cry!

A world-first, gamers could experience Kill Team live at PAX Unplugged in Philly this month.

At this gaming convention gamers could play as the stoic imperial guardsmen or as the bloodthirsty Orks.

All players needed to try to dominate the battlefield. They vied for victory in a a multi-point domination game.


Battlefield Tech + Cosplay

Games Workshop employed Battlefield Sports live-action gaming technology SATR3 to power the live-action gaming experience. 

The gun cases were made by cosplay prop maker, Shawn Thorsson from Thorsson & Associates Workshop in California, USA.

From Mini to Macro: each laser tagger was housed in a bespoke enclosure.

Each gaming gun had its own characteristics.

  • checkerboard feature
  • oversized bullets

  • claw marks

  • and more.

Gamers At Kill Team LIVE

Lasguns, Shootas & Custom Scoreboard

As the new release of Warhammer's Kill Team gamers at the PAX Unplugged event could experience the game live in  Philadelphia, PA.

The live-action gaming experience was free for Warhammer+ subscribers.

lasgun and custom scoreboard

Pax Unplugged 2021

PAX Unplugged is a tabletop gaming-focused event specifically tailored to lovers of board games, RPGs, miniatures, cards, and more.

The event featured:

  • thought-provoking panels
  • a massive expo hall filled with the best publishers and studios

  • new game demos

  • tournaments, and

  • a community experience unlike any other.

The Pax tour includes Boston, MA, Seattle, WA, Melbourne, VIC, Australia, and Philadelphia, PA.

Each event attracts around 15,000 to 20,000 attendees.

The Philly event had more than 150 exhibitors, including Steven Jackson Games, the Society for Creative Anachronism, and of course, Games Workshop.  

custom gaming gun

Kill Team Octarius: Kill Team Warhmamer Live-Action Gaming Experience

Kill Team Octarius was launched amid high expectations.

As well as a board game, Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team is a top-down shooter game with twin-stick control, set in the Warhammer 40,000 future fantasy universe.

Using SATR3 technology the team created the fantasy combat test which was really exciting and the gamers loved it. People queued for this experience.

"Got to play Killteam LIVE - and it was awesome playing as a Kriegsman killing some Orks!" said TaTenk via Reddit.com.

"It was an event held at PAX Unplugged which is Kill Team laser tag. They have the lasers modeled as lasguns or shootaz," he said.

As well as the live-action gaming experience, the WarHammer crew also had a booth, a store, demo games, and painting opportunities.

kill team mission briefing

For more information about the latest live-action gaming technology contact your local Battlefield Guru.