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Using Laser Tag To Leverage Sports Center Sales

Adding Laser Tag Leverages Sports Center Sales

Since Battlefield Sports’ laser tag equipment is 100% portable facility managers can reuse the same space for twice the benefit. This re-application of the same floor space is particularly beneficial for Sports Centers.

Battlefield Sports’ infra-red laser tag guns can be used safely both indoors and outdoors.

laser tagSo sports centers with indoor or outdoor facilities can really benefit. Battlefield Sports’ ground-breaking SATR laser tag system gives gamers real-time hit feedback with no additional hardware.

Adding a laser tag attraction enables entertainment facilities to set up a new attraction that can leverage the popularity of their business.

Laser Tag can have a high-income profit yield as it totally scalable entertaining either casual or organized groups, with small groups of only six up to hundreds of players at once.

In fact, Indoor and Outdoor Sports Centers large and small around the world have added the Battlefield Sports brand of laser tag technology to their roster of activities.

Laser Tag sits comfortably with tennis, soccer, volleyball, baseball, and a myriad of other sports.

Multi-Activities To Multiply Sports Centers Sales

Whichever activity laser tag is combined with participants are sure to remember the thrill. 

Laser Tag can broaden the market of a sports center or a soft play arena.

For example, the center can run regular fixtures or league play for a sport during the week but be relatively quiet on the weekend.

Activity on the weekend can be boosted by adding entertainment options, like laser tag.

As a rule of thumb half the available space should be set aside for the arena and the other half for registration/ticketing, armory, briefing, and party rooms.

Large Sports Facilities

Sydney Olympic Park is a large sporting, cultural and leisure complex in the Inner West area of Sydney. Sydney Olympic Park is a great place for events, leisure, sports, education, and nature.

Sydney Olympic Park offers numerous activities other than laser tag, including archery and bubble soccer.

Laser Tag at the Archery Centre offers kids a fun outdoor battlefield with laser tag weapons, props, and sound effects!

It is a thrilling live-action game where players can battle each other.

Kids hide behind inflatable blockade bunkers and walls, plotting with their teammates in a bid to defeat the opposing team in thrilling battles.

Local Sports Centers

Colac Indoor Sports Center offers tennis, volleyball, cricket, soccer, and network sports.

They found that they were busy during the weekdays but quieter during the weekend. So they added laser tag to supplement their income.

"I'd like to give you a wonderful testimonial regarding your fantastic service. We are rapt with our cobras, four years on they have stood up to the rough treatment by kids. The technology is very cool, interactive, fun and technical support is only a phone call away (which is awesome!). We would highly recommend Battlefield Sports equipment for any business. I can't say a bad thing about any of the experiences with the company or equipment." said Adele Johnson, Colac Sports Center.

Considering adding a laser tag attraction to your sports center in 2021? Contact your local Battlefield Sports Guru today.