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Trends from the Trenches - After Action Review from the Worldwide Road-Show

During the last few months, Peter Lander has networked with many Battlefield Operators from Australia, the United Kingdom, from the European Continent and across North America.

peter lander - AARPeter's world tour "Road-Show" drew together operators who run indoor laser tag arenas, who run outdoor mobile laser tag operations, those who run laser tag in the forest, and those who run zombie laser tag businesses.

In doing so he got a pulse on the latest trends.

Peter's after-action review (AAR) details that the most exciting trends in the combat entertainment industry are zombies & perks.

Like any entertainment sector, we ride on the wings of what's popular now.  Certainly, zombie games and in-game perks are two of the most popular trends right now.

Zombie Games + SATR 2.0

This year Battlefield UNDEAD is helping haunted attractions to amp up the thrill.

Depending on your audience, zombie games can be presented in a variety of ways; from “g” rated family fun, to “r” rated thrilling experiences.

Using Battlefield Sports patented laser tag technology - SATR 2.0 - Battlefield Operators can run zombie games.

We call our brand of zombie games "Battlefield UNDEAD".

Battlefield UNDEAD offers the Operator new sound effects. The new software SATR 2.0 enables zombie games to be run much more easily.

You can play the zombie games either indoors or outdoors, in a set up consisting of a maze of inflatable rooms, a specially designed haunted house, or even in a spooky forest or corn maze.

Operators can now quickly set gamers into zombie mode from battle mode (normal theme) with a quick zap master controller.  

Once in the Zombie mode is selected there are two themes to choose from (haunted theme or apocalypse theme). The haunted theme is an easy to run the theme. The apocalypse theme gives you lots more complex options.

For example, if you are playing the Zombie Kill Zone game you have two teams. Ideally, you would divide the group into 2/3 zombies and 1/3 survivors. The idea is that you run this game in set of 3 rounds so everyone gets a chance to shoot lots of zombies.

The first step is to set 1/3 of the group's gaming guns on and shoot them with the Master Controller selected "Rent Survivor". This gives this group a pre-set characters. Locks the gaming guns and sets the configuration into a suitable set of values for renting out a Zombie pack. Survivors do not turn into zombies when they die. The settings are for the Zombie Kill Zone mission so the hit points are set to 10 and the Survivors receive a fast reloading H&K G36 weapon emulation. Zombie Kill Zone assumes the survivors do not receive any respawns.

The second set is to set 2/3 of the group's gaming guns select "Rent Zombie". Again with a quick zap from the Master Controller all your settings at pre-configured. A standard set of configuration values suitable for renting out a Zombie game pack especially for the Zombie Kill Zone mission. This will lock the gaming gun. Zombies have 2 hit points with a red muzzle flash and hit the light. Because this option can be used for rental, this command puts the target units into locked mode.

The default for zombies settings the gaming guns issues of series of random SFX which are played every 30 seconds. This helps create the atmosphere if you are in the forest. However, if you are playing inside a dedicated haunted attraction then the venue may have its own PA system. In this case you will want to turn off the automatic zombie sound effects. Again this is a simple zap from the Master Controller to the zombie's gaming guns - just select "Zmbe SFX On/Off".

In-Game Perks + SATR 2.0

SATR 2 now comes with perks:

Each box adds options for in-game perks for gamers. SATR 2.0 is built on the excitement of its first-generation technology and re-invents itself with even more flexibility.

For example, the system now has more than 427 sound effects.

If you would select just one of the in-game perks we would recommend getting the Domination Box because it lets you play the Domination Game.