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Top #12 Benefits For You

The Top #12 

Here Are the #12 Top Features of This Live-Action Gaming Tech

The Top #12 Benefits Revealed

Here are the top twelve features and benefits of the latest Battlefield Sports' patented live-action gaming technology

The SATR3 gaming engine offers Real-Time Combat Resolution. In fact, it includes body armor, stuns, different weapon damage, and type e.g., variable damage.  

The system offers support for easy to run & popular missions for example,

  • “Electronic Capture the Flag”
  • “Domination” & 
  • “Battle Royale (Squads)” & “Battle Royale (Solo)” 
  • & many more!

It has a comprehensive real-time scoreboard & game management hub apps available + 

Plus the scores on the Controller display. 

You can run live gaming with up to 7 teams, friendly-fire off. Three-way games and 4-way games are very popular.

There are more than 18,000+ sound effects. 

Pre-recorded sound files that play from on the gaming guns. 

Sounds & Voice-Overs can be triggered by the Controller including which team won. 

There is support for 21 languages 

the top 12 features

There are also cool light effects. For example, the system has when playing the Domination Game, the system has integrated LFX for Red v Blue + Red v Blue v Purple. More the live-action gaming engine has announcements in-game about which team is in control. Plus sound effects announcements for winners. 

The Battle Box prop can be set as a “Battle Royale” box. This means you can play Fortnite for real. In other words, the map automatically shrinks.

Gamers can respawn via a press button or auto respawn in the zone. The SATR3 offers a more accurate respawn count, contactless respawns. It has more reliable respawns via digital radio system + infrared system.

In-Game Perk – auto checks to see if you can get a better weapon emulation. Known as “Auto-Slot”. Inspired by Fortnite for collecting better weapons, bandages & ammo, includes rarity levels. 

In-Game Perk Mystery Box. Gamers get random new weapon emulation. Also, can set as Armor Box or Weapon Box or many other options! 

Yes. Battle boxes can be set as “Recommended options” this vastly simplifies setting boxes for popular missions.

Portable controller. More configs & control options. Various types for Operator’s needs. Simple, Themed & Full  pre-defined monsters & Melee by Radio feature for actors i.e. hands-free play by monsters = get close to hit survivors. Self-Respawn for actor monsters so the “scene” resets quickly.

Battlefield Sports owns © of SATR. SATR is patented. Check for copyright notice when the system boots, pirated 1.6a & earlier versions have no copyright notice.