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Top 10 Battlefield Blogs For 2022

top 10 battlefield blogs

The Top 10 Blogs For Battlefield Operators

For 2022

The past year has been a challenging year for many Battlefield Operators. But 2023 is looking on the brighter side.

Here are the top 10 blogs from last year. Listed from the tenth most popular through to the number one most popular battlefield blog for the year.

Warhammer Goes LIVE 

Imagine Orks. Imagine Imperial Guardsmen. Imagine testing your best war-cry! Battlefield Sports Tech + Cosplay. This blog rounds out our Top 10.

Read the 10th most popular blog.

warhammer 40k

UPDATED: Laser Tag Industry Report 

You were interested in the new edition of the Laser Tag Industry Report. This report shows you how new technology is changing the live gaming sector.

In fact more than 1,000 live gaming entrepreneurs have downloaded this Industry Report. Get your copy today

Read the 9th most popular blog.

industry report blog

#5 Brilliant Ideas for Instagram

Instagram is crowded so we came up with #5 brilliant ideas to help your posts stand out in the crowd. And they proved popular. Coming in at our 8th most popular blog for the year.

Read the 8th most popular blog.

insta tips

Fortnite For Real  

Yes, Fortnite is still popular. One of the most popular battlefield blog posts this year, not surprisingly, was about our famous Battle Royale Live-action game. 

This blog is called "Get Ready To Battle Royale."

Popular on the field and popular online, read the 7th most popular battlefield blog for 2022.

fortnite for real

Mobile Scoreboard - SATR-Go! 

People were interested in the new mobile scoreboard "SATR-Go!". 

Updated for 2022, this mobile scoreboard app is streamlined (compared to the more comprehensive SATR-Score + SATR-Hub apps).

You can take it just about anywhere on a Windows laptop or tablet.

Read the 6th most popular blog post for the year.

mobile scoreboard

Play Easy? Or Get Challenged? 

The fifth most popular blog for the year was "4 Levels Of Game-play Difficulty: What's Yours?".

Many of you asked the same question this year.

If you had the choice of how hard you want to make the game-play for your live gaming missions, what would you choose? 

Read the 5th most popular post for the year.

set game difficulty level

How Do You Make A Laser Tag Gun?

Ever wondered "how do they do it?".

You're not alone.

This was one of the most popular blogs throughout 2022. In fact, it came in as number #4.

Read the 4th most popular blog this year.

how to make a laser tag gun

How Long Does A Laser Tag Game Last?

Many of the most popular blog posts answered burning questions like this one: "How Long Does a Laser Tag Game Last"? 

We asked Battlefield Operators from all over the world to find out! Here are the results...

Read the 3rd most popular blog post this year.

how long does a game last?

How Much Do You Charge For A Laser Tag Ticket?

This blog is a perennial favorite.

Coming in as the winner for the last few years. But this year it was pipped at the post.

In order for your Battlefield Business to be sustainable you need to price your tickets for profit. But how much should you charge for a Laser Tag ticket? The "How much to charge for a laser tag ticket" blog gives you some insight.

Read the second most popular battlefield blog of year.

post popular

Call of Duty: In Real Life

You know, this blog just about sums up the heart of live-action gaming.

Being able to experience scenarios inspired by your favorite FPS is our bread & butter. This is a case study about a Texan couple keeping it real.

Read the most popular battlefield blog of year.

most popular blog

To Sum Up: The Top 10 Blogs of 2022

Let's face it. There are lot of blogs out there. In fact, we published 42 new or updated blogs this year in the Battlefield Sports blog (more in the Laser Tag in a Box blog!!).

But these 10 top blogs stood out.

These blogs are the ones that interested everyone the most.

Which, I wonder, will most popular in 2023?

The Top 10 Emulations of 2022

As well as blogs about small business and live-action gaming, we also posted blogs that described the Battlefield Sports system's emulations.

Read on to reveal which were the most popular emulations of the year. 

Colt M-1911 Weapon Emulation

The Colt M-1911 auto pistol is a popular weapon emulation in the SATR system. Especially for those battlefield operators who have included some of the new Scorpion gaming guns in their arsenal.

Read the 10th most weapon emulation.

colt weapon emulation

The M24 Sniper Rifle Emulation

Sniper Rifles are a special class of weapon emulation. And the M24 as was the most popular blog in this category.  Read all about it.

Read the 9th most weapon emulation.

m24 sniper rifle emulation

The Musket Emulation

A historical favorite! While the Battlefield Sports live-action gaming system often is used to simulate modern engagements, it also has emulations like the musket.

In fact there is an entire gaming theme built around the American Civil War

Read the 8th most weapon emulation.

musket weapon emulation

The MP38 Emulation

The MP38/40 sub-machine gun features a 32 shot magazine, is capable of fully automatic fire only. Its default emulation is short range. A great emulation to select if you have Honey Badgers in your arsenal.

Read the 7th most weapon emulation.

the mp38

The Tommy Gun Emulation

A gun made famous in many movies. While the Battlefield Sports live-action gaming system emulations are usually modern firearms, this one comes from the 1920s.

Read the 6th most weapon emulation.

tommy gun weapon emulation

The M60 Machine Gun Emulation

Bring out the big guns.

For an extra challenge LARP players need to be kneeling or prone in order to fire the M60.

Read the 5th most weapon emulation.

the m60

The Kar-98 Weapon Emulation

The Kar 98k Rifle is a famous weapon emulation in the SATR system suitable for WW2 re-enactments. The Karabiner 98 Kurz (abbreviated as Kar98k, K98, or Kar 98) was the standard German Army rifle of WW2. 

Especially for those battlefield operators who have included some of the Morita gaming guns in their arsenal.

Read the 4th most weapon emulation.

the Kar 98

The SA80 Weapon Emulation

The SA80 / L85 rifle weapon emulation is popular with gamers from England, Scotland and Wales. Discover its specifications, read on.

Read the 3rd most weapon emulation.


The PPS43 SMG Emulation

This is a rare weapon emulation in the Battlefield Sports live-action gaming system. But you were still fascinated with it and its WW2 history. 

Read the 2nd most weapon emulation.

pps43 weapon emulation

MP5 Weapon Emulation

The latest SATR3 live gaming engine has more than 350 emulations. Readers were most interested in the MP5 weapon emulation. Read all about it.

Read the most popular weapon emulation blog.

mp5 weapon emulation