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Top 10 Battlefield Blogs For 2019

top 10 battlefield blogs

The Top 10 Blogs For Battlefield Operators

2019 Has Been a Big Year For Battlefield Operators

This year has been a big one for Battlefield Sports and Battlefield Operators worldwide. We would like to thank you for your loyalty and support.

Here are the top 10 blogs from this year. Listed from the tenth most popular through to the number one most popular battlefield blog for the year.

Zombie Games Still Going Strong!

Gamers love interactive zombie games, and so do Battlefield operators. The "Zombie Hunting in Thorpe Park (& Elsewhere)" was the tenth most popular battlefield blog this year.

The blog collates stories from Thorpe Park Resort and their "Zombie Hunting", from Zombie Cosplay, from the Inaugural Zombie Prom, news about the Zombie Resistance in Pennsylvania.

Read the 10th most popular blog.

zombie laser tag

Summer Camps Love Laser Tag

The next most popular blog was "Summer Camps Beam Up Enrollments With New Fun & Games".

This blog tells the story of how Summer camps can sell out when the kids know that laser tag is on the program. It highlights laser tag at Oasis Oakes Camp and Cedar Springs Camp. This blog also reviews how laser tag is lighting up the Hamilton Island Resort. And how Camp Hale Koa in Hawaii are using laser tag to get the teens engaged. The blog also highlights how the PCYC youth network is creating a spark among local teens with laser tag.

Read the 9th most popular blog.

summer camps love laser tag

Sci-Fi LARP A Thriller

Despite being published late in the year, the blog "Boarding Party: A Sci-Fi LARP In The USA" made the Top 10 blogs for the year.

And the Sci-fi live-action role-play concept has proven popular with gamers too. The show returns for Season II in 2020.

Read the 8th most popular blog.

a sci-fi LARP

NEW: Wearable Tech for Live Gaming

One of the most popular blogs this year was the post about the new wearable technology. The blog was "New Wearable Tech For Adventure Gaming".

This blog highlights the how the new SATR3, third generation live gaming engine can be used as wearable technology. The new model is called the Quester. In fact this new tech was also used in the sci-fi LARP that was in the previous story.  

Read the 7th most popular blog.

wearable tech for live gaming

The Biggest in the World!

The next most popular battlefield blog post was "The World's Biggest Laser Tag Operation".

How big is big? 

Read the 6th most popular blog this year.

biggest laser tag in the world

Team Building For Very Large Groups

There seems to be a big of theme going on here. The blog post to make the grade was "Team Building Activities for Very Large Groups".

Another one of the most popular blog posts was about team building exercises for very large groups.

Read the 5th most popular blog post this year.

team building for very large groups

Fortnite For Real  

One of the most popular battlefield blog posts this year, not surprisingly, was about our fabulous Battle Royale LIVE game. This blog is called "Get Ready To Battle Royale."

Popular on the field and popular online, read the 4th most popular battlefield blog for 2019.

fortnite for real

How Much Space Is Needed For Laser Tag?

People were interested in how much space is needed for a laser tag game. Rounding out the Top 3 most popular blog post was "How Much Space Do You Need To Play Laser Tag".

Read the third most popular blog post for the year.

how much space do you need for laser tag

Real-Time Gaming Statistics

The second most popular blog for the year was "Game Management & Scoreboard Software Launches".

Officially launched in London in April, these two new apps offer gamers real-time gaming statistics and operators game management on a laptop or tablet.

More, you can switch up the graphics according to the gaming theme. For example the team "Death Match" becomes team "Elimination Match" when you switch from Battlefield LIVE to Battlefield Tag.

Read the second most popular post for the year.

real time scoreboard

How Much Do You Charge For A Laser Tag Ticket?

This blog is a perennial favorite.

In order for your Battlefield Business to be sustainable you need to price your tickets for profit. But how much should you charge for a Laser Tag ticket? The "How much to charge for a laser tag ticket" blog gives you some insight.

Read the most popular battlefield blog of year.

laser tag ticket