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Throwback: First Outdoor Laser Tag TV Commercial In Australia

The Very First Outdoor Laser Tag TV Ad In Australia (Maybe the World)

Here is a fun throwback.

This TV commercial is from way back in 2001. We wrote the TV script back in 2000 and it was first aired on TV in 2001.

It is our first outdoor laser tag TV ad. The first TV ad that showcased outdoor laser tag in Australia. 

In fact, it might be the very first outdoor laser tag ad in the world! 


The First Outdoor Laser Tag Ad: The Script

Laser Tag TV ScriptWritten & Produced: Nicole Lander 
EXT. Daytime. Players dressed in camouflage SCENE to show gamers playing outdoor laser tag. The player orders the team into action. 

“Form skirmish line and advance”
Gaming gun close-up.  

Mission: Guerrilla Attack
Time: 1400 hours
Objective: Advance & Capture The Enemy Base 

The music track builds tension.
The team moves forward through the forest. 

Shot of the other team waiting at the base.

Players in charge through the bush on command, firing as they go. "Fire. Go! Go! Go." 

Freeze Frame: Morita. 
Morta Rifle: Range 200 Metres
Fully Automatic
Weight - 3.5kg

Freeze Frame: Scorpion/Bulldog 
SMG: Range 150 Metres
Fully Automatic/Single Shot
Weight - 2.5kg

The other team is seen defending the flag.

Action shot of a base assault trying to capture the flag. 
Defender’s cry
“Hold the line!”

Action shots of capturing the flag. 

"We got it!"
(waving the flag) 
Finishing scene, text overlay of a show of tree canopy. 
"Laser Tag Dot Com Dot Au
Extreme Action."

Gaming Guns Still Popular

The two main gaming gun models feature in this original television ad are still popular. The Morita Sniper Rifle is still in the manufacturing line up from Battlefield Sports. 

Likewise, the Sub Machine Gun (SMG) featured in the TVC was originally much larger than the current model Scorpion and was originally called "Bulldog".