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The Worlds Biggest Laser Tag Operation

Yes, it is official. 

Inventory Has Been Counted: Battlefield Sports is Officially the World's Biggest Laser Tag Operation

The World's Biggest Laser Tag Gun Arsenal Has More Than 1,750 Units

Yes, it is official, the inventory has been done and the stock counted: Battlefield Sports is officially the world's biggest laser tag operation with 1,764 units.

This massive arsenal consists of 1,443 laser tag guns plus 321 accessories and support units.


The world's biggest laser tag operations has more than 1,750 laser tag units in its armory. This massive arsenal consists of 1,443 laser tag guns and 321 accessories/support units. Now that's big!

Of the biggest laser tag gun arsenal, it is comprised of a variety of gaming gun models.

There are 1,320 small arms like cobras, blasters, and scorpions.

There are 54 medium-sized personal defense weapons like spitfires, honey badgers, and P90s.

Then there are 52 carbines or rifles, in other words, long arms like the commando carbine, the classic pulse rifle, the Morita squad area weapon, and the Morita sniper rifle.

So the world's biggest laser tag gun arsenal is

  • 75% of small laser taggers
  • 3% of medium laser guns
  • 3% of large laser tag guns
  • 19% of live-action gaming accessories.

The largest laser tag operation in the world is supported by 321 accessories and game support units.

These support units consist of:

  • 96 controllers
  • 209 medic or domination boxes

  • 9 repeater boxes

  • one zombie melee set, and

  • two claymores.

Now despite our huge battle force and the laser tag system, SATR3, can support up to 2,047 gamers playing at once. We haven't reached that milestone, yet.

Our biggest laser tag event was 436 gamers playing at once.

Now that’s a battle, not a skirmish.

Other Big Laser Tag Armories

Battlefield Sports is not alone in having a big laser tag gun arsenal.

In a recent survey of Battlefield Operators around the world, it was interesting to note that many have a big laser tag armory of more than 100 laser tag guns.

A third of respondents self-identified as having between 100 and 149 laser tag guns in their arsenal. These Battlefield Operators were from Greece, Australia, Denmark, the USA, and the UK.

17% of respondents said they had an arsenal of between 60 to 74 gaming guns. These Operators were from Australia and the UK.

Likewise, 17% identified as having either 11 to 19 or 20 to 29 gaming guns in their armory. These Operators were from the USA, and the UK, as well as from Australia and Spain.

A smaller percentage of 11% said they had between 60 and 74 laser tag guns in their inventory. These Operators were from Australia and the United Kingdom.

Finally, a small number, 6%, said they had either a very small set of laser tag guns i.e. 4 to 10 or a medium-sized arsenal of between 30 and 39 or 40 to 49 or between 50 to 59 laser tag guns. These Operators were from the UK and the USA.

How many laser tag guns do you have in your arsenal?

big laser tag arsenal

The World's Biggest Laser Tag Operation: A Conclusion

There can only be one.

There's always one one operation which can be the biggest.

And, today, my friends you've found it - this is the world's biggest laser tag operation.