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The Rise of Fortnite & Kids Influence in Marketing

Kids Are In Brand Love With Fortnite

Step aside OREO (the yummy treat), YouTube is now the most popular band amongst kids. In their annual survey of more than 8,100 children from North America, consultancy firm Smarty Pants have rated the most popular brands. 

Digital juggernaut YouTube came out as the most popular brand for children aged 6 to 12 years old with a "Kidfinity" score of 917 out of a possible 1,000. 

brand love results 2019
The survey called "Brand Love" discovered that digital content was chipping away at traditional creativity and play, with beloved Crayola and LEGO brands losing 20 and 15 points, respectively.

Putting A Rocket Under Fortnite

Not surprisingly Fortnite is a brand force to be reckoned with. 

In 2018, the Fortnite brand's debut in the study pegged it at #199 overall. The video game was particularly popular among boys. It was number #76 with boys in its first year.

In the 2019 report Fortnite posted the largest annual gain. Fortnite moved up 113 places rising to #86. And continued its popularity among boys rising to an impressive #33. 

The study has a number of attributes that they rate brands on. One of these attributes is "social". Fortnite is one of the top rating brand on this metric. 

"The way the kids are playing Fortnite in duos, and quads, and squads they are connected with friends while they play. They are virtually connected because they are not actually in the same room, even in the same city, necessarily," said Michelle Poris from Smarty Pants. 

"All of that has really fed into the Fortnite craze. What's happened is that kids, with or without their families, are spending time doing Fortnite instead of the other things they have traditionally spent their time doing. The more time they spend on Fortnite, the less time they are spending watching TV, playing board games, or watching movies. So that time away from more historical activities is really having an impact on how we need to communicate with kids," said Ms Poris.

Marketing to Mums expert, Katrina McCarter agrees: "Fortnite is a video game that is very very popular for boys aged 9 through to 16. I find when my son not actually playing the game he is watching YouTube videos on how to play it better." 

Fortnite & Marketing Opportunities 

The rise and rise of the popularity of Fortnite has created new marketing opportunities.

Hasbro has just launched a new collection of NERF Fortnite guns. This new wave of foam blasters and weapons has been inspired by Epic Games’ video game includes targeting sets and a harvesting tool just like the ones players use in the digital world. You can even get Llama targets! 

Battlefield Sports has created a live game which is inspired by the famous video game Fortnite where the gaming area shrinks over time and the players can access in-game perks at supply crates. To find out more about this live game "Battle Royale" click here. 

The research group surveyed a total of 16,363 children and parents during their May to June 2019 assessment of 350 consumer brands. The Smarty Pants group syndicates research, talks about trends, and shares opinions about kid, tween, teen and family marketing and youth culture. Kidfinity™ is a composite measure that aggregates kids' brand awareness, love, and popularity.

The research team have discovered a growing influence child have in family decision making. They found the line between entertainment and shopping in the minds of kids has blurred. 

For laser tag marketers the influence of Fortnite and other virtual games will continue to impact on the industry. 

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