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The Most Popular Live Gaming Mode Revealed

What Is The Most Popular Mission In Live Gaming? 

Playing as a team is deeply embedded in Battlefield Sports' brand of live gaming. It is part of its DNA, its gaming culture to ensure gamers win, or lose, as a team. 

As live gaming popularity has increased over the years so has the number of different missions. The new SATR3 laser tag system offers new and thrilling game-play options. 

Classic multi-player missions such as Team Death-Match, Capture the Flag, Domination and the new-kid-on-the-block Battle Royale, continue to outshine popularity over other games. 

What's the Most Popular Game? 

The most popular live gaming mission is…. revealed in a moment. 

But first, how did we come up with the winner? 

Battlefield Operators from across the globe gave their opinion as to what is the most popular game in their local operation. 

Battlefield Operators from across the USA from Arizona, Colorado, Washington, Georgia, Oklahoma, Michigan, and California gave their opinion. Operators from Canada, from British Columbia and Quebec also had their say. 

Operators from across Europe and the UK voted on what was the most popular game in their neck of the woods. Contributions were made from Belgium, Greece, Netherlands and Denmark. As well as operators from across the UK from Wales, Kent, Derbyshire, and Norfolk. 

Last, but not least, Battlefield Operators from across Australia gave their opinion. Operators from Brisbane, Gold Coast, Perth, Newcastle, Illawarra all had their say. 

Here's The Games That Did Not Quite Make the "Most Popular Games" List 

While the games RUSH and Heist were listed as survey options they did not garner any votes as the most popular game. My guess is that these games are usually played on special occasions and so therefore, while thrilling were not voted as the most popular. 

Likewise, there were no votes for the traditional laser tag game of free-for-all. Often played in traditional laser tag arenas, players score points by tagging other players. In a free-for-all game there are no teams. If a player was tagged-out they would be deactivated for a few seconds and then their laser tag vest would re-generate and the game would play on. 

While a free-for-all is perhaps the simplest game to run from an operator's perspective it is not the most popular. 

The #4 Most Popular Game: Battle Royale

battle royale live gameWith the huge popularity of games like FORTNITE and PUB-G the Battle Royale format has been gaining momentum this year. 

Battle Royale is a video game that enables up to 100 people to meet on a virtual island and battle it out to be the last gamer standing. Gamers can collect resources, such as new weapons, shields and bandages. Gamers can also build resources like forts and ramps. But the main objective it to kill the other gamers. And as the game progresses the maps size shrinks forcing players into close quarter combat.

The latest technology from Battlefield Sports enables this game to be played live. 

Unlike the virtual equivalent where there are no respawns the live gaming version usually offers gamers respawns for the first few minutes of the game. 
Just like the video game, players can collect resources if they get to a Perk Box. This might be better armor or a better weapon emulation. 

The digital radio starts covering a large playing area and as the time progresses the battlefield shrinks. Players outside the safe zone will take damage. 

The #3 Most Popular Game: Capture the Flag 

Capture the Flag game The classic game of “Capture the Flag” in the past was often associated with paintball. 

But in recent times, the live gaming version has gained popularity. 

For the game of Capture the Flag the group is divided into two roughly equal teams. Each of the two teams have a flag in their base which are located on opposite sides of the game zone. The aim of the game is to capture the enemy’s flag from their base and deliver it back to your base before they capture your flag.

In the live gaming scenario, a player must get to their enemy’s flag and shoot it, a sound effect will issue from the players gaming gun “flag captured”. Then that player must race back to their own base and shoot their own flag, a sound effect will say “flag returned”. This counts as one point. Multiple flags can be in play at once. The team with the most flags returned win. 

This is a fast-paced game so it is easy to see why it is in the top four most popular live gaming games. 

The #2 Most Popular Game: Domination Game

domination game Also known as the “King of the Hill” this game mode proved popular in video games like Call of Duty and HALO. 

In a domination game, the group is divided into two teams of roughly the same size. The teams are trying to shoot a central objective, a battle box set as a domination box, somewhere in the middle of the battlefield. 

Players need to work as a team. They need to be organized, communicate effectively, and even have a bit of luck to win. 

Domination box which identifies the central objective can be placed a hill or on a bridge or even on big tree stump. 

For larger groups, such as 30 or more combatants at once, then a 3 Point Domination game is thrilling. 

The teams would ideally be at least 20ft (10m) apart, out of sight from one another. More if space permits. Both teams are to be roughly equal-distance from the domination box. The two teams go head-to-head, each trying to "dominate" or control the Battle Box by shooting it. 

Each team has a medic box in their home base. Offering unlimited respawns. 

This game has a time limit. For indoor games this is usually 5 or 7 minutes. For outdoor games it is usually 10 or 15 minute rounds. 
The computer inside the Domination Box times how long each team has it in control. When the Alpha Team (red team) shoots the box it will flash red. When the Bravo Team (blue team) tags the box it flashes blue.

Gamers need to control the box longer than their opposition. If they do, then their team's color will flash on the box at the end of the game. More, the box will issue a sound effect which announces with team is victorious, such as "Blue Team Is Victorious!".

Every minute counts!

At the end of the game everyone know that which Team has Won. 

The most popular laser tag mission is the "Team Death Match" also known as TDM. The second most popluar game is "Domination" aka Capture & Hold. 

The #1 Most Popular Game: Team Death Match

team death match game Drum roll please… 

According to the March 2019 survey of Battlefield Operators 55% declared that the Team Death Match was the most popular game in their operation.
TDM or Team Elimination is one of the original games played with the Battlefield Sports live gaming equipment. A group of players is divided into two, roughly even, teams. Usually referred to as Team Alpha (or Team Red) and Team Bravo (Team Blue). 

If the game is set up using the Battlefield TAG genre then the gamers get 5 Hit Points. Damage is standard, or one shot means the player loses one hit point. 

If the game is set up using the Battlefield LIVE genre then gamers get 25 Hit Points. Damage is variable, a head shot for example can be "critical". 
Whichever way the gamers are configured then they have lost all their hit points they return to their team's base for a respawn. 

An advanced form of TDM is where the gamers set the difficulty level to HARD or even LEGENDARY. In this case the Hit Points are dropped of HP12. To suit older gamers Battlefield Operators can drop the hit rate (i.e. instead of the standard difficulty level which gives players hits once per second, hard once per half a second and legendary is once per quarter of a second). 

The TDM game is usually a timed game. (Like in the Domination game indoors usually 5-7 minutes and outdoors 10-15 minutes.)

With SATR3 Battlefield Operators can spice up the TDM with in-game perks and mystery boxes. 

The SATRWARE system keeps a track of all the kills each team gets. The SATR-Score displays the results in real-time on a scoreboard.
At the end of the Team Death Match, gamers combine all of their kills, and whichever team has more kills wins. 

The Top 4 Most Popular Game Modes In Live Gaming 

most popular live game results Battlefield Operators from around the world were polled in 2019 as to what is the most popular game in their local operation.  

TDM was the clear winner with 55% of respondents declaring that TDM was the most popular game in their neck of the woods. 

A close second was Domination (or 3-Point Domination) with 31% of the most popular vote. 

Coming in third most popular was Capture the Flag with 10% of operators voting for that game. 

And fourth most popular, most likely due to the game being brand new, as Battle Royale with 4% of the vote. 

What is your favorite live game scenario?

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