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Team Togetherness

Battlefield LIVE Games offer an Inclusive Way to Foster Team Togetherness

The rules of engagement in the workplace are changing.

team building As longer work hours, high stress environments and seemingly endless workload demands become more of a rule than an exception in the workplace, the need to work as a team is more important than ever.

Battlefield LIVE is an adventure-based training program that provides a practical approach to team building.

Teams which experience togetherness work better.

A shared experience, where the team has overcame a challenge together, achieved their mission objectives together. Those teams are more productive.

Battlefield LIVE is a adventure that all team members can participate. Because the game rewards team effort all contributions are valuable.

It is great for team building & development, leadership development, as well as cultural and strategic change.

Battlefield LIVE provides a unique team building process which allows even the novice team leader to visualize their group’s purpose, analyze their perspective, and build trust among the people in the team.

"As organizations strive to become more efficient, effective teamwork is vital," said Nicole Lander, from Battlefield Sports, creators of Battlefield LIVE.

"Employees need a practical, actionable processes that will guide them through their business contributions from start to finish. Battlefield LIVE provides an activity to build a shared-experience, a togetherness and it lays out the foundational principles that lead to successful teams," said Nicole.

Building Team Togetherness

The Battlefield LIVE approach to team building assists people a variety of ways, such as:

  • Relationship & trust building among top management of a newly merged company.
  • Building a common orientation among teams on a corporate sales force, to improve communication & problem solving, & better support personal initiative & risk taking.
  • Improving communication & problem solving between e.g. kitchen & wait staff in a successful restaurant or sales & technical staff, or indeed any divisional staff that might not normally interact.

Battlefield LIVE games gives participants an opportunity of working together on tasks which are unfamiliar and which require a high degree of interdependence thereby developing trust.

Individuals can focus on personal issues, interpersonal dynamics and team functioning, while supported by skilled facilitators.

To rely on others in ways which are not customary for individuals in a normal working environment, generates new communication channels often beyond anything previously experienced by colleagues in the workplace.

Battlefield LIVE helps participants identify and implement the processes, skills and tools that lead to successful teams.

This program is ideal for team managers, team members & others who work on teams encompassing complex tasks, and takes an in-depth look at managing complex teams with additional planning tools.

Team leadership, however, is not the only element that Battlefield LIVE focuses on. Rather with its live action role-play scenarios give every member of the team a part to play.

In fact, Battlefield LIVE has operated outdoor team oriented scenarios for numerous high profile corporate groups since 1999.

During the combat games, each of the participants has a contribution to make.

Interacting with actors each encounter is challenging, the idea is to demonstrate in a high-pressure environment the need for the team to pull together and work with each other.

With the confidence & courage fostered throughout Battlefield LIVE, leaders will gain experience to enable them to manage with grace under fire.