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Innovative Team Building Games

Corporate customers today want team-building exercises that are challenging, which promotes leadership development, and communication skills. Our robust Battlefield LIVE equipment is the answer.

Team Building companies around the world, like Miniut Mions Dix from Paris France and Mr. Smokey from Antalya, Turkey, and Tebu from Sydney, Australia, to name a few.

Games like "Capture the Base" and "VIP escort" are terrific outdoor recreation activities. These type of role-plays are ideal as part of corporate incentive programs, leadership workshops, management development, in promoting team spirit and organizational success.

Susan David, founder of the Harvard/McLean Institute of Coaching says someone feeling burnout, rather than simple run-of-the-mill stress, can cause you to "feel utterly depleted". Experts say it is important to muster resources to improve the situation.

One way to do this is to celebrate your team's accomplishments. Harvard did a case study on a savvy business, Digital Surgeons from Connecticut to discover how they celebrated a hectic, high-growth quarter. How? By playing laser tag on a Friday afternoon, of course! (Source: "How To Help Your Team with Burnout When You're Burned Out Yourself" from the Harvard Business Review).


Team Work & Camaraderie

Battlefield LIVE guns are best for team training, from fun games to advanced team-building exercises. Review it for yourself: with our guns' range up to 500 feet/150meters+ depending on the weapon and conditions. This outstrips the range of paintball markers or softair/airsoft bb guns.  
Battlefield LIVE programs are portable and can travel anywhere - the beach, ballrooms, snowfields or wilderness areas. Quick and easy set-up favors tight schedules. Programs may last from 1¼ hours to all weekend "boot camps." Clients may choose a short fun event, or challenge the group with a live-action role-play.

With Battlefield LIVE you can:

  • Reward your team for achieving a milestone or having a successful year/quarter/month or simply launch a new year
  • Boost morale
  • Focus the team on new product launches, marketing campaigns, or change incentives
  • Develop an "esprit de corps" a common spirit of comradeship, enthusiasm, and devotion to a cause among the members of a group.
  • Inspire a "Carpe Deim" / "Seize the Day" attitude.
  • Unite disparate teams, promote teamwork between divisions, even entire organizations.
  • Challenge your team to work together effectively and creatively.

Including team building games, battlefield LIVE activity in team building activities makes great business sense. Exciting and innovative team building activities are tailored for our clients to powerfully illustrate the importance of strong teams and a strong culture. High impact and challenging, yet safe and inclusive, these signature events can be delivered for the entire company, specific business units or any project team or group within an organization. The mixture of action and learning is developed to suit your team and your needs.

Cisco Systems, Google, and McDonalds Restaurants are just a few of the Fortune 500 companies who have benefited from a live gaming Team Building experience. Not to mention people from big brand name companies such as:

  • Dulux
  • APPT
  • Telstra
  • Subway
  • Masterfoods
  • Microsoft
  • KFC
  • Kawasaki
  • Harvey Norman
  • and many more.

We've helped teams from media and information technology organizations such as Network Ten TV, CeaNet, and RSA Security. Plus we've worked with Church groups, College teams, schools and clubs and many more. Check out what they said, see our Testimonials.

Examples of where live gaming is useful includes:

  • Relationship and trust-building among top management of a newly merged company.
  • Building a common orientation among teams on a corporate sales force, to improve communication and problem solving, and better support personal initiative and risk-taking.
  • Improving communication and problem solving between different workgroups for example sales and technical staff, or indeed any divisional staff that might not normally interact.
  • Working together on tasks that are unfamiliar and which require a high degree of interdependence develops trust. Individuals can focus on personal issues, interpersonal dynamics, and team functioning, while supported by skilled facilitators. To rely on others in ways that are not customary for individuals in a normal working environment generates new communication channels often beyond anything previously experienced by colleagues in the workplace.

It's a Game Changer

We love how much easier it is to manage games with SATRWARE. SATRHUB is awesome. SATRWARE is a game-changer if you're running SATR3+. Once you try it you can't go back to using just controllers. It makes things so much quicker and easier. In case you missed it our clients this summer have included Linkedin, Google, Facebook, Amazon, and NVIDIA. Pretty cool these billion-dollar companies love playing outdoor laser tag. Thanks for making an incredible product!! Keep up the awesome work!
Daryl Breuninger, CA USA

Fun Team Building Activities for Very Large Groups

Get meeting guests moving with a new interactive teambuilding activity that is designed to cater for very large groups. Live gaming inspires bonding and strategic thinking and gives participants a healthy dose of adrenaline.

teambuilding activities for large groupsResorts around the world are booking in outdoor laser tag to entertain their guests. Jewel Runaway Bay Resort in the West Indies and Thunderbird Park on the Gold Coast in Australia are two innovative organizations offering teambuilding activities that go from the boardroom to the war room with outdoor laser tag.

The activity lasts two and a half to half a day this teambuilding exercise gets everyone involved. While this activity can cater for groups as small as 20 people, its forte is entertaining very large groups.

The crew at Battlefield LIVE regularly run events for 100 players at a time. The team have even run special events for groups up of 280 simultaneously.

Teambuilding activities often cater to small groups between 8 and 20. Whereas it can be challenging to find an activity that suits very large groups and suits people of differing skill and fitness level.

Outdoor laser tag is a great solution.

"We recently ran a special event for Microsoft's TechEd. For that event 80 information technology workers navigated their way through our created maze to tag the opposition's team and tag the "Domination Box". The team which controlled the Domination Box for the longest duration, won," said Nicole Lander, Marketing C.O. Battlefield Live.

"We also have run a family fun day for Coca Cola several years running. As well as being a very large group wanting an inclusive activity, the Coke management chose us because we were a family-friendly activity," said Nicole.  

team building for very large groups

What's Involved in Laser Tag Team Building for Very Large Groups?

Groups can participate in an adventurous laser skirmish challenge. One terrific conference venue which is perfect for very large groups is Thunderbird Park.

Its battlefield is spread over several acres of rainforest.  The team building course is set with a mock village, a black fort, bridges, and other obstacles.

Gamers arrive and are given a Mission Briefing from their C.O. Then we run a series of short missions, usually two 15 minute games, with an interval so the gamers can catch their breath and grab a quick drink. Then we run another two 15 minute games. The series of games can be shorter or longer depending on the clients' teambuilding objectives.

The activity tests communication, strategy, and teamwork. Gamers can play at their agility level either walking stealthily or testing their agility and speed.

Pictured above, part of a group from Jewel Runaway Bay Resort in Jamaica and a large group participating in an activity at Battlezone, Australia.

Battlefield LIVE Games offer an Inclusive Way to Foster Team Togetherness

The rules of engagement in the workplace are changing.

team building As longer work hours, high stress environments and seemingly endless workload demands become more of a rule than an exception in the workplace, the need to work as a team is more important than ever.

Battlefield LIVE is an adventure-based training program that provides a practical approach to team building.

Teams which experience togetherness work better.

A shared experience, where the team has overcame a challenge together, achieved their mission objectives together. Those teams are more productive.

Battlefield LIVE is a adventure that all team members can participate. Because the game rewards team effort all contributions are valuable.

It is great for team building & development, leadership development, as well as cultural and strategic change.

Battlefield LIVE provides a unique team building process which allows even the novice team leader to visualize their group’s purpose, analyze their perspective, and build trust among the people in the team.

"As organizations strive to become more efficient, effective teamwork is vital," said Nicole Lander, from Battlefield Sports, creators of Battlefield LIVE.

"Employees need a practical, actionable processes that will guide them through their business contributions from start to finish. Battlefield LIVE provides an activity to build a shared-experience, a togetherness and it lays out the foundational principles that lead to successful teams," said Nicole.

Building Team Togetherness

The Battlefield LIVE approach to team building assists people a variety of ways, such as:

  • Relationship & trust building among top management of a newly merged company.
  • Building a common orientation among teams on a corporate sales force, to improve communication & problem solving, & better support personal initiative & risk taking.
  • Improving communication & problem solving between e.g. kitchen & wait staff in a successful restaurant or sales & technical staff, or indeed any divisional staff that might not normally interact.

Battlefield LIVE games gives participants an opportunity of working together on tasks which are unfamiliar and which require a high degree of interdependence thereby developing trust.

Individuals can focus on personal issues, interpersonal dynamics and team functioning, while supported by skilled facilitators.

To rely on others in ways which are not customary for individuals in a normal working environment, generates new communication channels often beyond anything previously experienced by colleagues in the workplace.

Battlefield LIVE helps participants identify and implement the processes, skills and tools that lead to successful teams.

This program is ideal for team managers, team members & others who work on teams encompassing complex tasks, and takes an in-depth look at managing complex teams with additional planning tools.

Team leadership, however, is not the only element that Battlefield LIVE focuses on. Rather with its live action role-play scenarios give every member of the team a part to play.

In fact, Battlefield LIVE has operated outdoor team oriented scenarios for numerous high profile corporate groups since 1999.

During the combat games, each of the participants has a contribution to make.

Interacting with actors each encounter is challenging, the idea is to demonstrate in a high-pressure environment the need for the team to pull together and work with each other.

With the confidence & courage fostered throughout Battlefield LIVE, leaders will gain experience to enable them to manage with grace under fire.

CASE STUDY: Reebok's Eagle Eye on Team Work Creating a Thrilling Event for 200+

Reebok approached Battlefield Sports to create an unforgettable event for its quarterly marketing meeting.

Kathleen Donohue from the Reebok Marketing team wanted a thrilling team-building exercise.

In a collaborative effort battlefield operators from First Person Sports from New York, Video Game Parties from Pennsylvania and the Mission Combat Laser Tag from Massachusetts converted the field at Gillett Stadium, home of the New England Patriots, into a battlefield for 200+ Reebok combatants.

Keith Di Buono from First Person Sports coordinated the event.

The idea was to transform the New England Patriot’s practice field into a laser tag urban maze.

On May 7th two hundred employees from Reebok converged to experience in what turned out to be one of the most incredible events of the year.


"This is one of the most impressive venues of the year... Gillette Stadium. We at FPS want to thank all the staff from Reebok and Gillette Stadium who made this event such a success," said Keith Di Buono.

Up to 100 gamers competed at a time. There were four teams each of 50 gamers.

“Everyone loved it!” said Kathleen.

“The event went very well, and everyone from Reebok was raving about it,” she said. “Thank you again! This was a great success!”

Tactical Laser Tag Event in the USA

"This was one of the largest games of Tactical Laser Tag the United States has ever seen," said Keith.

Dan Sauerwald from Video Game Parties brought along his overhead flying drone camera system. The video clip offers an eagle-eye on the game-play.

The Battlefield LIVE technology scales up to team building for very large groups. The current world record stands at 436 players at once this was a massive event that was hosted by Battlefield Sports HQ in Australia.

Reebok is a global brand that creates and markets sports and lifestyle products built upon heritage and authenticity in sports and fitness. Headquartered in Massachusetts it is committed to boosting creativity and challenging the status quo in its crew.


What team building events do you have planned for this year? 

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