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Supply Crates: A New Device Role in Live Gaming

Supply Crates in Live Gaming

The concept of Supply Crates or Loot Boxes first appeared in video games back in 2004. A supply crate issues a virtual item on activation.

The concept of supply crates was made popular with games such as Overwatch. According to Wikipedia loot boxes are an extension of randomized loot drop systems from earlier video games, frequently used to give out randomized rewards in massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMO or MMORPG) or similar games.

supply crate

In SATR3 the supply crate system grants items up to 8 items per gamer. In SATR3 the supply crate will issue three types of items: 

  • Weapons, 
  • Ammunition, and 
  • Aids. 

Every 15 seconds the three items randomize again. Battlefield Operators can configure this to a different time interval.

Gamers have 8 slots: 4 for weapons; and 4 for aids. So a gamer can carry up to four virtual weapons. 

Gamers are incentivized to get to a supply crate in live gaming because it can offer better weapons, more ammunition, and aids.  Aids include the Med Kit, Bandages, Shield Boost and the legendary Boost Juice. 

Why is this a good thing? 

Because it creates more action and a narrative the gamers can tell their friends later.

This can help with achieving the team's objective.

In the Battlefield Sports live gaming system Supply Crates are used in the Battlefield Royale LIVE theme.  

The rarity level of the weapon impacts how frequently it is found in a Supply Crate. 

Unlike other genres, armor does not absorb damage so there is no damage reduction, instead, gamers have shield points that act like additional hit points. 

The SATR3 has variable damage, including splash damage with RPGs and Grenade Launcher. Some aids provide shield hit points. 

In this theme, it is expected gamers will have multiple simulated weapons. 

Automatic Slot Management 

The Royale LIVE theme introduces automatic slot management. All weapons are ranked and the SATR3 system automatically gives the player access to the best weapon on their gaming gun's slot. If the player has a great weapon but no ammunition, then the system will allocate the player the best weapon they have that has ammo.  

In other words, in the automatic slot management system, a player's best emulation will automatically be accessed first. 

When a new weapon is added or the current weapon runs out of ammunition, the system will automatically place the highest-ranked weapon into the current slot.  

Four slots are reserved for the different types of aids the gamer may get.

Weapons do significantly more damage in this genre which means weapons from this genre should not be used with other genres.

By default, starting hit points for a gamer is 100. 

Gamers can obtain aids to raise their shield points up to 100.

On a player's display LINE 3 will show what supplies they have in real-time. It will scroll through each slot that has ammunition showing what is in that slot and how much ammunition it has.  

This is especially useful to see what aids like bandages are available to the gamer.

The Battlefield Operator can set how frequently the Supply Crate will refresh. By default, it is every 15 seconds. The Operator can also set whether or not the crate will auto-emit infrared signals for upgrades.  

If “Auto. Emit” is off, during a live game, then:

  • Red button: collects the weapon.
  • Green button: collects the aid
  • Black button: collects the ammunition

Weapons, Ammunition, and Aids have a rarity property that is the probability they will appear in a Supply Crate.    

Common        50% 
Uncommon      25% 
Rare          13%
Epic           8%
Legendary      4%

Supply crates can be set to a team or can issue upgrades to any team.



Bandages heals 16 health points in 4 seconds up to 60 health.


A shield boost adds 52 points to your shield over 4 seconds, to a maximum of 100 shield points.



A medical kit heals 100 health points over 10 seconds up to 100 health.



Boost juice adds 60 health points over 30 seconds and also adds 60 shield points.

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