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Summer Camps Beam Up Enrolments With New Fun & Games

Summer Camps Beam Up Enrolments With New Fun & Games Like Laser Tag

Many summer camps sell out when the kids know that laser tag is on the program.

Our brand of equipment has proven popular for many Summer Camps because the kids can play either indoors or outdoors.

If the summer camp has multiple campuses, even better, because the laser tag gear is 100% portable.

Here's what Cedar Springs Camp located in Washington said about Battlefield LIVE.

Battlefield LIVE is not just laser tag, think of paintball (without the mess and pain), airsoft (but no pellets everywhere), and first-person shooting games (except with exercise built in) into one amazing sport. The versatility and durability of the gaming equipment allows missions to be played in any climate and infrared technology means players can battle anywhere (no more cheesy neon!). All the games and missions in the popular first-person video games are taken to the next level and can be played on our battlefields.

Summer camps across the United States have benefited from adding laser tag to their activities program.

"Our new laser tag equipment was great this summer. It worked well. I can't thank you enough for helping us get it. It was a big hit with our campers and staff and I know it helped make camp memorable for them. Thank you!! Have a great day. God bless." Justin S. McKinney, Program Director The Oaks Camp, Lake Hughes, CA, USA.