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Sudden Attack Live Action Role Play in Korea


Sudden Attack Live Action Role Play in South Korea

sudden attack in seoullandGo from listening to gunfire via your speakers to experiencing the adrenalin of a live gaming battlefield in Seoul, South Korea.

SeoulLand features an outdoor laser tag experience "Sudden Attack" within its Adventure Land precinct.

Adventure Land is a place for the courageous and adventurous.

It is a place where Guests can enjoy challenges from a variety of attractions.

Sudden Attack is an outdoor laser tag game inspired by the most popular First Person Shooter in Asia of the same name.

It brings to a live-action role-play of a map from within the video game called "Warehouse".

This attraction is a Re-enactment of Sudden Attack, one of the best online shooting games!

Now Gamers can enjoy the thrilling games in real beyond the imaginary game.

Gamers shoot, move and communication on the battlefield to eliminate opponents.

Opponents may have played online only days before.

Game controllers have been replaced with high-tech gaming guns.

Online skills are transferred from the virtual to the real gaming battlefield.

sudden attack at adventure land The Sudden Attack video game was developed by the game and released on PC and Xbox.

The gaming guns shoot infrared bullets to simulate direct-fire engagements on the battlefield.

Gaming clans of 6 people vie for glory.

The experience runs for 15 minutes per game.

Other Attractions at Seoulland

In a small village filled with log cabins, you will feel like you are in the western pioneering period in North America.

Guests of Adventure Land can enjoy rafting on the biggest Korean "King Viking" while flies above the water.

Adventure Land also features shooting guns, like a Wild West shoot-out in a shooting range decorated like a whiskey salon.

About Seoulland

Seoulland first opened in 1988 just before the Seoul Olympic Games.

It was the first Korean amusement theme park.

It offers a range of entertainment precincts including World Plaza, Fantasy Land, Tomorrow Land, and Samchuilli Hill.

It is located close to Seoul Grand Park's zoo and the National Museum of Contemporary Art.

Seoulland has continuously innovated introducing a flower festival as well as performances and exhibitions.

According to Theme Park Tourist Seoulland is one of the Top 50 Theme Parks in the World.

It entertains more than 2 million guests every year.