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Spring Is In the Air (Or Fall, Depending)

After what felt like a very long winter, there are finally signs that spring is here. Or depending on where you live, a very hot summer has finally started to cool off and autumn is in the air.

In the northern hemisphere the air is getting warmer. The days are getting longer. The snow is slowly melting. Across England, across Europe and across North America the daffodils are blooming.

In my part of the world, the tropics of Australia, the relentless heat has slowly started to dissipate. It has been the hottest summer on record and finally the days are starting to become more mild.

With a brand new season, comes new possibilities, new opportunities.

Spring is a great time to start something new. And for those in the tropics, fall is a great time to to challenge yourself, and shake things up a bit.

spring is in the airThe team at Battlefield Sports is excited with plans for the rest of this year, and years to come.

This week we welcome five new members of our team!

I understand how intimidating starting something new, such as a starting laser tag business, can be.

But everyone has to start somewhere.

Battlefield Sports started with a few thousand dollars and an idea to bring a video game to life. It was our imagination that fired us up to play laser tag in the forest. It was our tenacity the enabled us to do the research and development to create the technology to make it happen.

Now we help battlefield business operators all over the world kick start something new for themselves and their family.

Let us show you how.

We have some exciting things in store for the coming months so throughout the year stay tuned for some exciting, new announcements.  

Meanwhile, Happy Spring! (Or Fall, just Depending!)