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Spring Clean Your Battlefield Business

7 Top Tips On How To Spring Clean Your Battlefield Business   

Winter has come and gone in many parts of the northern hemisphere. The days will start becoming longer and people will want to get out into the great outdoors and enjoy the warmer weather. 

Here are seven top tips on how to get your battlefield business ready for spring. 

spring clean your small business

1. Declutter Your Textiles

Almost all battlefield operators have headbands to attach the head sensors. After every event, these are commercially washed. We recommend that after 12 months these need to be replaced. 
Many battlefield operators use jungle hats and head-wraps (which over under the headbands) to tell the teams. Using headwear is also a good hygiene protocol. Headwear is also washed after every event. While these last longer than the headbands, often lasting several years, it is still a good idea to audit your camo inventory. 
Some battlefield operators also offer camouflage outfits either as an optional extra or included in their ticket prices. Either way, spring is a great time to stocktake what’s in your wardrobe. Do you need to order some new clothing? Or can they be repaired? 

2. Service Your Laser Tag Equipment 

An annual service of your battlefield equipment is highly recommended. 

While, monthly checks of triggers, sensors, radio feedback, and scopes are advisable and of course that the gaming guns are cleaned weekly. 
A more comprehensive check would include zeroing every gaming guns and checking the radio at the range. 
In an annual check, you can ship your units to one of our service centers so we can undertake the service for you. A comprehensive check covers the items in the regular monthly check and also means opening the case and checking the battery casing, wiring looms, and a check of solder points and connections. 
During spring it is also a great idea to consider upgrading your software to the latest version. Ideally, all your gaming guns and accessory units will be on the same software version. Software upgrades include new or upgraded sound effects. 

3. Reboot Your Marketing Plan

Take a fresh look at your marketing plan. We published a Marketing Cheat-Sheet which helped battlefield operators determine a marketing calendar.  

If you haven’t yet reviewed your marketing actions for 2021 then spring is a great time to get stuck in. 

4. Review Your Social Media Content 

During spring it is a good opportunity to update your social media content. Your battlefield business might have its own brand page on Facebook, Instagram account and Google MyBusiness. It is important to post regularly. 

Hubspot found that Facebook business pages with fewer than 10,000 followers posting too many times actually decreased interaction. Companies with less than 10,000 followers that post more than 60 times a month receive 60% fewer clicks per post than those companies that post 5 or fewer times a month. (Source: https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/facebook-post-frequency-benchmarks#sm.001l31d8a103jew1x5e2qws4pgj42) 

So posting once a week on Facebook is a good rule of thumb for most battlefield operators. You can even schedule these posts so they will publish in the future. Whereas Instagram and Twitter work better with a higher frequency.

5. Spruce Up & Refresh Your Web Site 

Keeping your web site content and design fresh is also important. So spring is a good time to update your website.

Go through and take stock of your online content. Are there some words or images or general content on your web site that could be rewritten to sound better or more accurately give your readers an insight into what you offer? 

Ask yourself, is your brand being represented as to want it to be? Is your brand being advertised as effectively as possible? 

Spring is a terrific time to spruce things up, fix up all the little details that, although they might take a lot of effort, make a big impact. 

6. Clean Up Your Finance Space

Here at our local Laser Tag business, we offer big discounts for people to pre-pay for their tickets. Occasionally, especially when invoicing government departments, we need to book an event under a purchase order and wait for the invoice to be paid after the event.  Outstanding invoices can slip through the cracks! Spring is a good time to clean up your finances and chase out those old invoices. 

7. Spring Clean Your Office & Field/Arena. Yep. Literally

Get the vacuum cleaner out!  Get scrubbing! Clean out all your work area. Your workspace will benefit from a good spring clean!

Further, you might like to consider whether it would be time to upgrade your office furniture or computers and printers. 
Likewise of your battlefield or arena, organize of working-bee. You might need to update your battlefield props or repaint. It is also a good time to add new items to your battlefield arsenal. For example, you could add a couple of claymore mines and then let your customer database know that you have new equipment and invite them back. 

In Conclusion 

Spring is a terrific time to clean up and get prepared for the busy season. With these seven top tips, you will get your battlefield business fired-up. In summary: declutter your textile, service your laser tag equipment, reboot your marketing plan, review your social media, refresh your web site, review your finances, and last but not least clean your office and field or arena.