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Sound Effects Offer Hit-Feedback in Live Gaming

Hit-Feedback with Sound Effects in the SATR system

SATR, which stands for Small Arms Transmitter Receiver, is world-famous for its instant hit feedback in any terrain. SATR works peer-to-peer so there is no central computer. The laser taggers issue sound effects which let the gamers know when they have shot their opponent.

laser tag SFX

Sound effect feedback is one of the elements in our patent. The technology is patented in Australia and the USA, and notice has been given of the intention to grant a patent in the EU/UK.

Sound Effect Feedback: Here’s How it Works

When a gamer shoots another player a sound effect makes a SFX. This is the hit-feedback. It lets the players know when they've got their opposition, and when they've been shot. 

When a gamer pulls the trigger the gaming gun emits an infrared pulse, its light-emitting diode (LED) transmits the pulse towards the opposition gamer's sensors.

The infrared pulse is unique to SATR.

The SATR sensor receiver in the opposition's gaming gun recognizes the pattern and causes the device to respond - either registering a hit or a kill.

laser tag system speaker This infrared signal works line-of-sight. So gamers need to aim.

With our special SFX a gamer knows when they’ve made a hit.

  • When a gamer hits an opponent but doesn't kill them, depending on the Language the SFX will say in English "Tagged" or "Wound" or "Hit" or the equivalent word in 20+ other languages.
  • When a gamer hits an opponent and reduces them to their last Hit-Point, depending on the language setting the SFX will say "Deactivated" or "Kill" or the equivalent words in 20+ other languages.
  • If a gamer hits an opponent whose gaming gun is already dead then the SFX will be "Deactivated Already" or "Dead Already" or the equivalent words in 20+ other languages.

So you can change the words/sounds that the gaming unit issues depending on your game theme. Brilliant!


More than 18,000 sound effects enhance the game experience. The SFX includes in-game announcements like "Bravo Team is Victorious" or practical announcements like "Change Ends." Choose from 21 languages or customize it to your own. The languages offered in the SATR3 system are stored on a high-powered 16 GIG Sound Card. 

They are:

  1. US English – Female (this is the factory default for the Battlefield LIVE theme)

  2. Monster - Male US Accent (for the Battlefield UNDEAD theme)
  3. Royale - US English - Female (default for the Battlefield ROYALE theme)
  4. Fantasy - UK English - Male (coming soon)
  5. Horror - US English – Male (default for the Battlefield UNDEAD theme
  6. Arabic (this language has a limited number of pre-recorded phrases) 
  7. Chinese/Mandarin
  8. German/Deutsch
  9. French
  10. Italian
  11. Japanese
  12. Portuguese
  13. Russian
  14. Spanish 
  15. Vietnamese (this language has a limited number of pre-recorded phrases) 
  16. Laser Tag - English (this has a US English-Female accent and changes both voice sounds and display settings for the Battlefield TAG theme
  17. British English – Female (for the Battlefield LIVE theme
  18. US English - Male (for the Battlefield LIVE theme)
  19. Arcade (SFX only, no words) - The Arcade sound scheme plays musical sound effects instead of spoken words and therefore is language-neutral. In other words, it is independent of a specific language so it can be used anywhere in the world. the Arcade sound scheme has sound effects consistent with classic fast-action arcade games. Remember Pinball sounds? 
  20. Zombie - Male US Accent (for the Battlefield UNDEAD theme) 
  21. Armored - Female US Accent (for the Modern AFV theme) 
  22. Military - Female (for the Milspec theme) 
  23. Custom (you can have your own language, you will just need to provide us with certain sound files when you order. Please discuss this with your local consultant.)

The custom languages we have done to date are:
1. Danish 
2. Catalan

3. Basque 

4. Swedish 

The sound quality has also been improved, files are now in the 22050hz 16 bits, Mono Wav format.
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Sound Or No-Sound

On boot up, a Battlefield Operator can disable the voice feedback sound effects. A battlefield operator might want to do this because they are running a night fighting mission or a stealth mission and want to make it hard for the op-for to locate a gamer’s position. Gamers can still get hit-feedback via light effects, read about this feature click here.