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Who has a Facebook Fan Page?

Facebook #Hashtags

Most Battlefield Operators have a separate Facebook Fan Page over and above their personal account. Facebook has starting to use hashtags in their news feed.

So if you post a status update or an image then you can now type #battlefieldlive in it to include the hashtag.

Facebook has also announced Insights for hashtags, although it might be a while before we see the real impact of these hashtags.

Multiple Facebook Fan Pages

As well as having your own Facebook brand page, you might want to consider creating multiple facebook fan pages for each of your venues.

This way your Facebook fans can "check-in" while they are visiting your battlefield. As you can see by the list below we have two "brand" pages and then three "venue" pages.

Scheduling Posts on Facebook

facebook scheduleing What is the best time to post on your Facebook brand page?

Some say first thing Tuesday morning.

Some say late Sunday afternoon.

But what to do if you are not at your desk at 8.30am on Tuesday or 5pm on Sunday?

Here's a Social Media Secret for you.

Facebook Scheduling. Here's how.

When you click in the Status Field a little button shaped like a clock will appear in the bottom left corner.

Click on this and the year will appear. Once you've chosen a year, a drop down choice of month will appear. Next select the date, and then the hour.

You can even select the exact minute you'd like your post to appear.

To lock in the time you'd like your post to display, just click the "schedule" button. And you're done.


This is a useful hint to help you manage your time.

What to Post on Facebook?

Think of it as a handshake. You are greeting your new peeps, making a connection. So you'll want to post about stuff that's important to your customers. Publish 4 posts that serve your audience for every 1 post about your business. That's the 4 fingers + the thumb! #socialmediahandshake

Facebook Groups

Have you noticed that Facebook Groups have become super popular on the feed? Why not consider creating your own Facebook Group for your local players!

What to find out more?

Are you interested in finding out more?

You can sign up to get a free Social Media Masterclass.