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Sneak Peek - Coming Soon - SATRWARE

Sneak Peek 

New Innovation: SATRWARE

Coming Soon in 2019: SATRWARE

Battlefield Sports is delighted to announce new SATRWARE coming soon. 


Consisting of SATR-Hub which enables Battlefield Operators all the access to the SATR3 Master Controller functions on a Windows PC, laptop or tablet using the digital radio system. 

Like our core patented technology this is a fully discrete system. 

Real-time game stats; no need for an internet connection. No need, even, for electricity! 

(Of course you'll need to charge your laptop or tablet beforehand.) 


Popular Game Integration: By Battlefield Genre 

The SATR-score enables real-time game results for the popular games.

In the Battlefield LIVE genre, for example. SATRWARE integrates with: 

  • Team Death Match
  • Domination
  • 3 Point Domination
  • Rush
  • Heist 
  • Capture the Flag
  • Free For All
  • Battle Royale (Squads) 

Shown right a photo from a recent field test at an indoor Warehouse Laser Tag event. With the Battlefield TAG genre "Team Elmination" results from a timed 5 minute game; Blue Team won!

blue team wins

Popular Game Integration: Battlefield TAG

In the Battlefield TAG genre, the SATRWARE integrates with: 

  • Team Elimination 
  • Capture & Hold 
  • Capture the Flag 
  • Free for All
  • Battle Royale (Squads) 

satr score

The new SATRscore system also supports the Battlefield UNDEAD and Battlefield FANTASY genres. 

Within the Battlefield UNDEAD genre, the supported games are: 

  • Team Death Match
  • Zombie Domination 
  • 3 Point Zombie Domination
  • Heist 
  • Capture the Flag 
  • Free for All, and
  • Battle Royale (Squads).

The graphics on the scoreboard changes as the terminology changes. 

Within the Battlefield FANTASY genre, the supported games are: 

  • Team Death Match
  • One Point Domination
  • 3 Point Domination
  • Heist
  • Free for All
  • Rush
  • Capture the Flag
  • Battle Royale (squads). 

Real-Time Integration 

SATRWARE integrates the Battlefield Props and the Gamers, all in real-time.  

The system has a straight forward team balancing feature. 

Where the Battlefield Operator can do a quick re-set on one screen. The Operator can do a quick set team hit-rate adjustment and quick set difficulty adjustment at once. No longer do you need to change these settings gamer by gamer.  

SATR continues to be the most flexible system available. 

Every unit can be re-configured to act as any other unit.  For example, a gaming gun can be quickly changed from an infrared ranged weapon to act as monster character such as a Zombie that attacks with the digital radio system.  

real time integartion

SATR3 uses digital radio to monitor the game result on a variety of devices.  

Right now Battlefield Operators can use a SATR3 master controller to get summary and detailed level information about a device by radio. The same application programming interface (API) has been used to develop this app. (In other words the SATR3 software talks directly to the new SATRWARE.)