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Shot by Cupid in a Camo Wedding Dress

LIVE gaming enthusiasts find love on the battlefield - A wedding with a Gaming Theme!

The Bride in a Camo Wedding Dress

camo wedding dress Engaged couples throughout Australia ramping up for this wedding season are planning life's biggest - and potentially most expensive and stressful - moments.

Some couples are bucking recent trends toward elaborate weddings, putting aside traditions which don't fit their personalities, or budgets.

Most couples wish for their wedding to be an unforgettable experience.

While many couples might seek different color schemes, or unusual venues, a new trend in being unique is planning a wedding with a gaming theme.

Brides to be, like Canditta Anderson, are choosing a more usual theme - on that reflects her love of live gaming.

Canditta met her future husband, Adam, while playing outdoor laser tag.

The venue for the ceremony, at Mt Cotton, was the very place that Canditta and Adam first set eyes on each other five years ago.

In fact they now both work at Battlefield LIVE a live gaming company.

Live gaming started in Cairns in 1999 but soon spread to South East Queensland, and now is played in more than 40 countries world-wide.

Local "battlefields" in South East Queensland entertain more than 30,000 gamers annually.

Canditta wore a camouflage wedding dress, her bridesmaids each wore green, brown or black and the groom had a matching camo waist-coat and tie.

While the bride made her own wedding dress with the help of her Mom, Robyyn,Canditta is not the only trendsetter; you can order your own usual wedding dress from http://www.atouchofcamo.com/

The whole event was a family affair, camo wedding cakeCanditta's Aunt, Mandy Anderson made the camouflage wedding cake.

Not content with just a camo color scheme, we also plan to have the congregation participate in a game of Battlefield LIVE between the official ceremony and the reception,” said Canditta Anderson.

The wedding was held at the Mt Cotton battlefield on May 1st 2010.

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