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SATR3 Explainer Videos

A series of short video clips about SATR3

New Digital Laser Tag System SATR3 Explained

Launch of New Digital Laser Tag System: SATR3 (Part 1) 

Play indoors or outdoors. Lots of new features to give your laser tag business a competitive advantage. Watch this series of videos to find out how. 


SATR3 Explainer Video (Part 2) An Overview

This is part 2 of the Explainer Video for the new laser tag system, SATR3 from Battlefield Sports - New Features Means New Excitement. Re-live FPS.  SATR3 now also supports 12 Genres including Sci-Fi, and Fantasy and Tank Battles, and American Civil War. Emulations have gone from 69 to 285! 


SATR3 Laser Tag System (Part 3) New Games

The new missions like "Electronic Capture the Flag" and "Heist" explained 


SATR3 Explainer Video (Part 4) Perks 

This is part 4 of the SATR3 explainer video series. This episode covers operator resources and in-game perks.


SATR3 Explainer Video (Part 5) the 12 Genres 

This is Part 5 of the explainer video series about the new laser tag system SATR3. It runs through each of the 12 Genres or Gaming Themes.


SATR3 Intro Video Series (Part 6) Re-sets & Slots

This is Part 6 of the explainer video series about the new laser tag system SATR3. It covers re-sets for quick set-up. It also covers the concept of "slots" where gamers have a weapon in slot 1 and a medic skill in slot 2. Likewise in a fantasy scenarios wizards can have a different spell in each slot.


SATR3 Explained (Part 7) "Battlefield TAG" is a mobile laser tag business opportunity

Starting Up a mobile laser tag business? Think "Battlefield TAG" from Battlefield Sports with the new SATR3 digital laser tag system. This is Part 7 of a series of explainer videos about the new laser tag system form Battlefield Sports.  


SATR3 Introductory Videos (Part 8) Effects & Damage

"SATR3" Explainer Video Part 8 from Battlefield Sports. This video explains Emulation Classes and the new effect types in SATR3 like "Stun". Plus it covers how damage is calculated including Head Shot multipliers..


New Laser Tag System "SATR3" Explainer Video: Rings & Teams (Part 9)

The brand new laser tag system "SATR3" explainer video part 9. This clip covers the rings of protection in the Battlefield Fantasy Genre & Team Settings. Up to 7 teams with Friendly Fire Off.


"SATR3" Explainer Video: Battlefield Props (Part 10) Battlefield Sports new Battlefield Props like Perk Boxes and Mystery Boxes enhance game-play


New Patented Laser Tag System Video Series (Part 11) 

This is Part 11 on a series of video clip which explains about our new patented laser tag system called "SATR3". This clip covers how the new system makes it easier to run events including the new "find" command and pre-configured character templates.


New SATR3 Laser Tag System Explainer Video Series (Part 12) 

This is the final part, part 12, of the series of explainer videos about the brand new laser tag system "SATR3". This clip covers the new Master Controller functions and how to upgrade from SATR1 or SATR2.

If you are interested in getting your own SATR3 laser tag guns and accessories contact your local consult, or click here to organize an obligation free consultation.