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SATR-Go! A New Mobile Scoreboard App

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Scoreboard App for Mobile Laser Tag: "SATR-GO!" - Updated July 2023

A new version of the mobile scoreboard app "SATR-Go!" is out now.


SATR-Go is a mobile scoreboard app designed for laser tag operators who want to provide real-time scoring on the go. Developed by Battlefield Sports, SATR-Go offers an easy-to-use solution for Operators who need a portable and reliable scoreboard that can be used either indoors or outdoors.

Real-Time Scoreboard on the Move! 

Battlefield Sports' latest Software App is Best for Mobile Operators.

The SATR-Go app enables you to score the 9 most popular Laser Tag games:

  • Team Death Match (aka TDM and Team Elimination)
  • Bullseye!
  • One Point Domination (aka 1 Point Capture & Hold)
  • Three-Point Domination (aka 3 Point Capture & Hold)
  • Battle Royale: Squads
  • Capture the Flag 
  • Heist (aka Treasure Hunt) 
  • Free For All 
  • Rush.

Operators can easily switch between games, set the duration of each game, and provide real-time scoring for their players.

The app is also designed to work seamlessly with the SATR live-action gaming engine, which enables gamers to play laser tag just about anywhere, without the need for a smartphone or Wi-Fi connection.

SATR-go package

SATR-Go! Scoreboard App Updated in 2023

We've been working hard to bring some improvements to the SATR-Go mobile scoreboard app.


The newest game is Bullseye. Bullseye is a simple game, great for young players or for festivals. The rapid pace of the game allows for heaps of action and excitement. It's simple instructions are sure to engage gamers 5-years-old and up. Read more about the Bullseye game here.

Sneak Peek: New Design for the Battlefield Royale live-action gaming theme - coming soon!

new SATR-go scoreboard design


The free for all game is every player for themself.

SATRGo now supports a Free for All only option. 

Once again this is enabled by editing the SATRGoIni file and changing to and changing to "<freeforall ffaonly="True"></freeforall>"

With this option, the entire screen will have a Free for All Scoreboard ranked in kill count order of players.

The game control commands are hidden.

Great for a stand alone scoreboard for the players to compare their stats from the last game.

The Start function has been modified to improve its reliability when there is a lot of radio traffic.

SATRGo can now be preset to a particular battle number by editing the SATRGoIni file. 

If a particular Scoreboard is always allocated to Battle 2 for example, this saves having to change the Battle each time you start the application.SATRGo supports setting a gaming gun to a manually entered alias instead of relying on the randomly generated aliases.

Remember to get the best range results include a dipole antenna in your set-up.

SATR-GO! In Detail

This new version of the real-time scoring app is designed with the mobile laser tag operator in mind. 

Whereas the SATR-HUB app covered all the functions of the Full Master Controller, this new SATR-GO the app covers the Simple Controller functions.

heist game
Another notable feature of SATR-Go is its customization options.

Operators can edit the SATRGoIni file to set a maximum time limit for displaying the final result of a mission, which is especially useful in high-traffic venues.

If the players are waiting a couple of minutes for the system to show their scores, they might think the thing is broken! So you can reduce the time to 60 or 90 seconds.

With the SATRGoIni file which can be edited with notepad, the user can set a maximum time in seconds before display the final result of the mission. In high throughput venues a lower time limit of 30 seconds can apply. In large outdoor spaces where the results come in via at least one radio repeater, then a 90 second limit is applicable.

Additionally, the app now supports a Free for All only option, which allows for a standalone scoreboard that displays the kill count of each player in order.

SATR-GO Commands

There are 12 pre-set commands.

The commands included in SATR-Go are: 

  • Mission (or Game)
  • Timer
  • Briefing (pause)
  • Start
  • End
  • Refresh
  • Phrase (in game & post game)
  • Switch
  • Volume
  • Find
  • Un-Find
  • Theme
  • Battle (Game #)

team elimination -- battlefield TAG

These commands allow Operators to control various aspects of the game, including pausing all gamers. The app can also change the volume on all devices. The app is also designed to work with a digital radio dongle, which allows for seamless communication between the app and the laser tag equipment.

The first option is "Mission" this enables the Mobile Laser Tag Operator to select one of the nine pre-set games (listed above).  

The second option is the "Timer". Here you can set the duration of the game. Operators can set Hours and Minutes. Up to 23 hours and between 1 and 59 minutes. So you can have a game as short as 1 minute or as long as 23 hours and 59 minutes. 

The third option is "Briefing". The briefing will pause all gamers and clear the statistics. This is so the Operator can give a Mission Briefing to the players.

treasure hunt - battlefield fantasy

The "End" function will end the game for all the units at once. 

The "Refresh" function where the system automatically pings relevant units as the game plays. However, you can use the refresh option to manually do this if you want the most up-to-date score.

The "Phrase" function is a shortlist of in-game voice-over phrases. These are also post-game phrases for group management such as: "Change Ends" or "Red Team is Victorious!". 

The "Switch" function sends a signal to the Battle Boxes. For example, the blue team medic box will switch to act as a red team medic. Likewise, if playing the Capture the Flag game, the flag boxes will switch teams. Also, if you are playing Heist, the Vault boxes will also automatically switch teams. 

domination - battlefield live

The "Volume" function will change the volume on all the devices. You can select from off, low, medium, or high.  

My favorite is function is "FIND". This will, via digital Radio, confirm everything is turned off. If the devices aren't off, then they will start issuing a loud "Siren" sound effect. Warning! This is very loud!!

Just in case, you triggered that FIND command accidentally there is an "UN-FIND" function. This will stop the find command.

The "Theme"Function can set the gaming theme. 

capture the flag sci fi theme

The Radio Dongle

Just like our other Windows apps, SATR-HUB & SATR-SCORE, you need a digital radio dongle.

(These other apps are best for a fixed, indoor laser tag arena or FEC, rather than a mobile operation.)

This dongle is inserted into a full-sized USB port in your laptop or tablet.

It connects your computer to the gaming units via digital radio.

And you can now improve the range with a dipole antenna.

radio dongle

Operators can select from the following gaming themes: 

  • Battlefield TAG 
  • Battlefield ROYALE
  • Battlefield LIVE
  • Battlefield UNDEAD
  • Battlefield FANTASY
  • Battlefield CIVIL WAR
  • Battlefield SCI-FI

Each one will change the graphics and the look and feel of the scoreboard. 

SATR-Go allocates random aliases to the players, automatically. NEW: Now you can also give specific units with your own aliases. You can by double-clicking on the alias in the Free for All Scoreboard

The mobile scoreboard is easy to use.

Download the User Guide for this mobile scoreboard app, click here.

It is designed to run on a single Windows 10 laptop or tablet. (Please note: This app works only on Windows 10 / 11 but not on Windows 10s / 11s.)


Tablet, Laptop or PC will need the following requirements as a minimum:     

  • Windows 10 or Windows 11
  • 4 Gig RAM     
  • Storage Capacity: 32GB     
  • At least one full-sized USB port     
The previous version of SATRWARE consisted of two apps SATR-HUB and SATR-SCORE. This software was designed for Family Entertainment Centers at a fixed venue. An FEC that has a local area network of computers and multiple HDMI monitors. 

SATR-Go is streamlined.

It is designed to be used on the go. 

Latest Scoreboard Software [Updated]

The new version of the SATR-Go! scoreboard software caters for huge groups even better.

The system is now more responsive due to moving time-consuming processes to a multi-thread architecture.

The app now supports Team Death Match (aka Team Elimination) games better. So the system reports the final result faster.

The scoreboard app registers the "kills" (or de-activations) from individual gaming guns during the mission. But at the end of the game, the system collects the updates from the active battle boxes.

The final score uses whichever is higher:

  • the kill count or
  • the opponent's spawn count.

tdm scoring
Combined with SATR3.14L6+ code, the restore statistics option is enabled which means if a gaming gun has to be restarted, #SATRGo will set the key mission stats such as hits and kills back to the last saved value held by SATRGo.

This also applies to Respawn Count.

TDM now supported for large battles. There's more emphasis on the opponents respawn count so that at mission end. SATR-Go now supports large battles with TDM due to the greater emphasis on the opponents respawn count at mission end.

This is also configurable in the INI file. (This option can be disabled using the TDMREFRESH property in the ini file.)

Peter Lander is excited about this new, improved SATR-go mobile scoreboard app update.

"I’m recommending any existing SATRGo user try this version of SATRGo. I have moved some processes that are slow into their own thread so the system is now more responsive. This version works much better for larger games. It also ends the TDM faster, it picks up kills during the game. In the end, it will get final respawn counts from each medic box. 

The team kills count is equal to the higher of the accumulated kill count from each gun on a team or the number of respawns on the opposition medic box. By default, it does not try to do a final check of each gun for the kill count which slows the system up when the game ends especially for large games.  The final check can be enabled by editing with notepad the SATRGoIni.xml file and changing it to "True".

Please contact me if you have SATRGo (and especially the custom USB RF module) to get the download link," Peter said.

New Version of SATR-Go!

Latest Update Summary

1) In the XML ini file the user can select the battle it will run on. For example, if they were running 2 permanent battlefields and they wanted a scoreboard to run all the time on the second battle, the XML could be edited to say BattleNo = 2

2) SATRGo is now more stable in its connection to the RF dongle

3) SATRGo now detects if the RF dongle has locked up and automatically restarts SATRGo retaining all the vital data between restarts like time left, gamer and battle box statistics.  The SATRGo app can restart and restore the connection to the dongle.

4) SATRGo now detects if two versions of SATRGo are running on the same device and prevents this from happening accidentally.  This is important as only one application can connect to a Dongle at a time

Some new features are:

1) With the team deathmatch mission, a higher priority is to collect respawn updates from the Medic Boxes. This means in big games, the scores tend to be much more up-to-date.

2) SATRGo can be configured in the ini file to run just a Free for All Scoreboard so it can operate as a standalone individual scoreboard without players having access to the on-screen commands. (We often run mobile games using the handheld controller to start and end but leave a laptop in the players' area for them to check out their stats.

3) By default but again configurable, the TDM does not do a full check of every gun's stats at the game end to work out the final score. This speeds up the process of determining a winner when running large games. Of course, kills counts from individual gaming guns are collected throughout the game, so they are generally quite up-to-date. For operators running a small arsenal of under 20 gaming guns at a time, they should enable a complete check of each gaming gun when the mission ends.

4) SATRGo can now be used to customize gaming gun aliases rather than just a random selection. Some operators like to specify their own gun names. Use the Free for All scoreboard and then double-click on the gaming gun on the list to edit the alias.

5) Gun Restore of statistics is now by default disabled, but again this is configurable from the ini file. This feature works well if all games are started and ended by SATRGo. However, if using a controller to run the games and SATRGo drops out of RF range of the games, the statistics on SATRGo can be out of date causing issues with player stats on their guns.



Overall, SATR-Go is an excellent option for Battlefield Operators who want to provide their players with a real-time scoring experience. With its easy-to-use interface, customization options, and support for multiple laser tag games, SATR-Go is a must-have app for any laser tag operator who wants to provide a top-notch gaming experience for their customers.

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