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Rescue the General LARP

"Rescue the General" a LARP

Running a live action role play with gamers and actors means you can run more complex missions. 

The game mechanics are detailed in the "Advanced Game Hanbook" which is available to Battlefield Operators from the Battlefield Sports University. 

The Captain's briefing is as follows.

Right.This morning we lost radio contact with his Command and Control helicopter. On board is Lieutenant General William Quade.

The downed chopper has been spotted from the air, but there is no sign of the personnel. Your mission is to get him back alive. Or if he is already dead, recover his body.

You will be able to identify the General because he is a big man. Over 6 foot.  He usually wears a huge overcoat.  There were 3 other crew members on the chopper besides the General; there status should also be determined. One Huey will insert you north west of the crash site; there is a trail to the east and then south, up a steep slope that leads in the general direction of the crash site. Your team will require a point man to find the crash site.

I‘ve arranged fire support from the 18th Marines at Hawaii Base.  This artillery is available within 5 minutes of being called. There are no reports of VC in the vicinity of Kon Ma, the area is classified as loyalist.

You are prohibited from firing on anyone, unless you get specific radio clearance from HQ. However, if you are fired upon first, you may defend yourselves.

Once you have completed your mission, return to the LZ, a Huey will be standing by.

It is imperative that you extract before night fall. Gather your equipment. You leave immediately.  

                    Mission Briefing: Cpt Fletcher