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Ready, Set, Pokémon Go!

Ready, Set, Pokémon Go! Set A Lure For Your Laser Tag Customers

pokemon at laser tagThe gaming juggernaut Pokémon Go is taking over the world. Since launching a week ago it has exploded across the globe in popularity. Downloads have surpassed 15 million. But Nintendo isn't the only business profiting off its release. Savvy businesses are capitalizing on the craze.  

Foot traffic is wonderful for family entertainment centers and laser tag battlefields alike. If your venue is a PokeStop or Pokémon Gym then you are in luck. Flocks of gamers, young and old, might just stumble into your location. 

If your location is not already a Pokémon place then you can cast a lure to draw more Pikachus. You can lobby the game developer Niantic to have your business become a Pokémon landmark.

Kotaku reports that you can submit an online form requesting they add your location, mind you the developers are likely to be overwhelmed. 

According to Inc Magazine, Pokémon offers a range of in-app purchases, you can buy a Lure for your local laser tag. 

Donut shops across the country have started making half white and half red mouth-watering treats. 

What is Pokémon Go? 

John Hanke CEO of Niantic says “Pokémon Go” is designed to get gamers up and moving by promising them Pokémon as rewards, rather than placing pressure on them. 

Pokémon Go shot to the top of the app store the very first day it was released.

Within three days of its release it had more users than Twitter.

This augmented reality game has surpassed all other mobile games.

First launched in Australia, New Zealand, and the USA other countries who missed out on the release are not happy. Bloggers in Dubai are reporting that gamers there are champing at the bit for it. Europeans wait impatiently for their turn.

Such is its popularity its servers have struggled to meet demand. 

There has been some interesting knock-on effects on the economy. My guess is that there has been a spike in people purchasing external batteries or extra battery chargers. 

How can your laser tag business jump on the Pokemon band-wagon?

Be a part of the Pokémon Go phenomenon, at the very least post on your social media which Pokémons have visited your facility.  

pokemon pokestop at lasertagTake an in-game screen snap and post them with your business name hashtag together with #pokemon. 

Some say this new game is just a fad and that it will fizzle out like Flappy-Bird.

The thing is that right now there are 15 million users engaged with the Pokémon app and your laser tag business wants to engage with those gamers.

It a type of news jacking. A way to cut-through and engage with your customers.

So get downloading, get on board and start catching some Pokémon!