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Ready Aim Fun For Christmas Parties

Ready, Aim... Fun For The Christmas Party Season

It may seem that Christmas is months away, but now is a good time to start planning ahead.

"Black Friday" in the USA (the day following Thanksgiving Day i.e. the fourth Thursday in November) is regarded by many as the beginning of the Christmas party season, which is only 6 or 7 weeks away.

Now is a great time to get ready for your most successful year yet, and get ready for loads of Christmas party bookings.

Plan Your Party Specials

With busy Christmas party season on the horizon, now is a good time to plan your party specials. Rather than discounting prices consider what value-add you can offer.

Decide what kinds of promotional offerings that will entice your customers and work well for your battlefield. Be ready to answer the phone call which asked "Do You Have A Christmas Party Special?" or “Do you have any Christmas deals?”

Whether you plan on rewarding regular customers or marking down ticket prices to attempt to drive up sales, have a clear idea of what packages are a win/win for you and your customers.

Advertise your start dates, end dates, the promo codes/redemption codes. That way you can track which promotion offers you the best return on investment.

Consider Updating Your Home Page on Your Web Site

With the Christmas party season just on the horizon, it is a great opportunity for your web site to reflect your package offering. Instead of leaving your web design the same that it has been all year consider adding a few festive images to your home page.

Have you tried Canva?
ready aim fun Christmas parties
Canva is a terrific, and free, online design tool that makes it super simple to create attractive images. You can even upload photos of your own happy customers, then drag and drop that image and add your text message and voila! A new and fresh Christmas message for your web site.

For those battlefield operators who advertise via print or Pay Per Click then consider creating a themed landing page or pages to emphasize how much fun your customer's team can have at a Christmas Party your battlefield. If you have an indoor arena why not also decorate your foyer with seasonal trappings and Christmas decorations.

Marketing The Holiday Season

Don't forget you can kick-off your holiday marketing campaign on your social media platforms to let your customers know about your seasonal packages. This means you can replicate your promo on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, even Pinterest. Engage your customers by posting on social media platforms that you regularly publish on (and even some you don’t).

Running a small business means that you are busy. But if you start now you can give yourself some time. Time to write, design, and edit your message before you publish it!  

One of the terrific features of Facebook is that you can schedule your posts. So you can say, post a new image every Thursday afternoon for 6 weeks. Well, you can upload and schedule all of them at once and they will automatically appear on your timeline exact on the time and date you've scheduled them to. This is a great time saver.

Amp Up Your Battlefield Blog

Blogging is a great way to engage with your gamer community, as well as boost your search engine content. So include your battlefield blog in your holiday promotional plans.

Finding time to write when things get hectic can be a challenge, so the more you can do beforehand, the better. Just like Facebook, most web site platforms allow you to schedule when your post will be published.

Check Events To Prevent Double Bookings

When you are busy your worst nightmare is a double or even triple booking. You are good but you cannot be in two places at once.

The Battlefield Sports software "Battlefield HQ" enables you to create events and add customers to each event. This is a great tool especially if you run a mobile business.

Consider Gift Certificates

People love to give gifts during the Christmas holiday season. So while the big groups booking at Christmas Parties are a fantastic business, you can supplement your sales with gift certificates. Double passes or Family passes that customers can be redeemed later is an important component of any battlefield business's turnover.

We have posted a could of stories about gift certificates in the past:

Holiday Season Game Plan

The Christmas season is a great opportunity to offer big groups to build morale and celebrate their corporate year with a laser tag group booking. The Christmas season is a great opportunity to get into big corporate groups. Tell them the fantastic benefits they can get with a laser tag Christmas party such as building morale & team spirit, having a lot of fun, and best of all capacity for large groups! If you map out your Christmas Game Plan now then you'll probably be able to take more bookings and entertain more gamers.

So on your mark, get ready, aim... and book in those Christmas parties, and have fun!