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Quality Checking of Laser Tag Equipment

Quality Testing of Battlefield Sports' Laser Tag Equipment

One of the first things to do in testing is to check all the muzzle flash colors and the hit-light colors. And that they are all working.

There is a special test mode in SATR. 

This is just one way that the team here at Battlefield Sports is comitted to quality. 

Quality Testing of Laser Tag Equipment 

To enable the test turn the unit on with a key and hold down the reload (red) button.

Once the unit has booted up release the button.

When you shoot a gaming gun you can see that a blue Predator Muzzle Flash is the default. The Predator Muzzle flash is three hyper-bright LEDs in a triangle shape, the invisible infrared beam is in the center.

Press the reload (red) button and you can see the red muzzle flash. This shows that all six LEDs are working.

Then press the reload (red) button again and you can see the white muzzle flash. This shows that all nine LEDs are working.

Next press the reload (red) button again to check the head-sensor dome LEDs are working. First check the red hit light. Press the reload (red) button once more to confirm that the two blue head-sensor hit lights are working.

That is how we test all the LEDs are functional.

It is an efficient and quick test to confirm the electronics are working before the laser tag equipment ships out to a customer.