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No Vest, No Kidding

No Vest, No Problem: Battlefield Sports' Vestless Laser Tag System is Taking the Game to a New Level

The Battlefield Sports laser tag system, known as "SATR," offers a new way of playing live-action games that is both innovative and unique. Unlike traditional laser tag systems that require players to wear a "Battle Suit" or vest, this system is designed to be played vestless, making it more flexible and versatile.

This system is so flexible you can play indoors or outdoors. Unlike traditional arena laser tag / indoor laser tag, there is no need for a vest.

The system has an integrated sensor in the barrel and two others that are attached via a robust six-core twirly cable. (We use a cable so you can't lose them! Here is another blog about why wireless sensors are not practical.)


The SATR laser tag system is portable, compact, and can be played indoors or outdoors. It features an integrated sensor in the barrel and two others that are attached via a robust six-core twirly cable, which ensures that players don't lose them. The head sensor domes at the end of the cable can be attached to a headband and are designed to be hit or tagged from 360 degrees.

While Battlefield Sports Optik sensors can be attached to a tactical vest if required, the system's vestless design is a significant advantage. 

If the model chosen has head sensors, then it is designed to be used in conjunction with colored headbands. The headband is specially designed with velcro and elastic. These headbands usually come in two team colors, such as red vs blue or black vs green. If running with three or four teams, players can use various combinations of colors.

Vestless Is More Hygienic

In a post-COVID world, hygiene is an essential consideration.

With this vestless system instead of relying on a sweaty "Battle Suit" between switched between players, this system uses headware to tell the teams.

For example, imagine a group of 60 school students playing the 3-point Domination Game across several rounds. The first group of 20 gamers play in round one play, then switch to the second group, and so on. Most students nowadays adhere to a "no-hat, no play" policy, so players are often asked to wear their own hats. The players wear a hat or bandanna over their headbands. The headbands are designed to go over some other headwear. This way the Operators can switch the headbands and place it over the child's own hat between games.

This is designed for hygiene in mind, so the hair of the first child doesn’t touch the hair of the second child.

Operators can use jungle hats with a full brim (image 1), and bandannas, with no brim (image 2).

Because Battlefield Sports’ sophisticated optoelectronics means the game range can be more than 300 feet or 80 meters, even in daylight.

So by having teams with different headwear makes it easy to tell the red team from the blue team. Or the "jungle hat" team from the "bandanna" team, even from a long distance.

jungle hats

Gamers with Jungle Hats (full brim) 

bandanna headwear

Gamer wearing a Bandanna (no brim) 

gamers with own hats

Gamers with their own headwear

A Perfect Laser Tag System for Mobile Operators

Because there this laser tag system is vestless it has proven popular with mobile operators and family entertainment centers alike.
For transportable ride companies who need super-fast through-put, Battlefield Sports can also be customized to not include the head-sensors. That way the gamers simply shoot each their opposition by aiming for the barrel sensor.

This laser tag equipment is perfect for school-aged kids and up. It is designed for youngsters to hold the phaser with two hands. The SATR laser tag system offers real-time game statistics right on the individual phaser screen.

Popular integrated games include:

  • TDM aka team elimination match (using two Battle Boxes each set as Medic Boxes)
  • Capture the Flag (using two Battle Boxes, two sets as a combination of Flag boxes and Medic Boxes)
  • Domination Game aka Capture & Hold (using three Battle Boxes, one set as a Domination Box - this acts as the central objective -- and two sets as Combo Boxes -- this act as Medic Boxes and an Ammo Re-supply point).

And, of course, you can create your own games and missions. The options are endless!

Ingress Protection Rating 

Each unit is made from tough, fiber-reinforced polycarbonate. 

The Cobra model in particular is popular because of its ability to work even in the rain. 

It was designed with an IP rating of 65.

ip rating

No, unlike traditional arena laser tag with modern laser tag systems there is no need for a vest. Ask yourself: Vest or No Vest? Vestless Laser tag systems have proven popular with mobile outdoor Laser Tag operators and indoor family entertainment center managers alike.


In summary, the Battlefield Sports laser tag system is a vestless and innovative. It is a versatile way to play live-action games both indoors and outdoors. With its unique design, real-time game statistics, and customizable games, the system is suitable for school-aged kids and up. Indeed, it has proven popular with mobile operators, family entertainment centers, and transportable ride companies alike.