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No Clowning Around - Killer Clowns Terrifying 5 Star Patrons

Send in the "Killer" Clowns 

In the countdown to Halloween this year you might want to be on the lookout for Killer Clowns, especially if you are in the car park of a 5 Star Hotel.

If you remember Pennywise from Stephen King's "IT" movie then you'll be bracing yourself for your worst nightmare.

This year the team at Live Action Games Technology from Santiago in Chile have produced a new live action role play to thrill their gamers.

And with the new LARP there is not just one killer clown, in fact there is a gang of killer clowns.

The Killer Clown Gang: A New Corporate Team-Bonding Adventure

This gang of killer clowns come complete with a bunch of balloons, and oh, baseball bats, chain saws, and sledgehammers. In the SATR3 laser tag system include software emulations for these and many other melee weapons.


The Killer Clown Gang also are equipped with personal defense weapons like Honey Badgers and sub machine guns like Scorpions.

The target market for these LARPs are big companies for entertainment and coaching and team building.

This new production integrates special effects just like in TV and the movies, authentic costume and incorporates trained experts and young actors.
Carlos Araya Mackenney owner and operator of Battlefield LIVE Chile has been running games for eight years and has two locations, Chicureo and Lonquen, both near Santiago city. 

"We train the actors to interact very well with the Battlefield Sports gamers," said Carlos.

The underground car park of a city center 5-star hotel is transformed into a terrifying battlefield: corporate groups experience a scenario versus a gang of killer clowns.

If the gamers survive they can enjoy a conference and a delicious dinner in the hotel above.

"Nobody is more capable than Live Action Games Technology in Chile to produce a real combat simulation, that is the target," said Carlos.
"We have the best gaming guns in the world, a crew morale at very high level, so, with a little luck, we believe this year will be our best," said Carlos.

For more information about the team's killer clown scenario, visit http://www.l-agt.cl/