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New Year New Edition Of The Basic Games Handbook

games in the battlefield royale theme

New Year: New Edition of the Games Handbook

Battlefield Sports is Committed to Creating Thrilling Games so we've Published a New Edition of the Games Handbook in the Battlefield Royale Theme

Nicole Lander, the co-Founder of Battlefield Sports, is pleased to announce the release of a new edition of the ebook for 2021, titled "Battlefield Royale: Games Handbook."

New Edition of the Games Handbook

This ebook revisits popular games and shares what we have learned from thousands of live games play tested both indoors and outdoors laser tag.

Battlefield Operators will discover what works in the new Battlefield Royale live gaming theme. This new ebook shares an understanding of the most popular games which drive market success.

As entertainers, operators need to keep up with new trends in the sector, and over the last couple, one of the biggest has been the impact of survival games like Fortnite and PUBG.

battlefield royale games handbook

The Games Handbook focuses on these popular games:

  • Domination Game
  • Team Death Match
  • Heist
  • Electronic Capture the Flag
  • Battle Royale "Squads" and
  • Battle Royale "Solo".

Battlefield Sports has a long history of publishing Games Handbooks. There have been a series of editions of the Battlefield LIVE Game Handbooks, the first edition was published way back in April. 2008. Since that time we have published several editions of the Battlefield LIVE Handbook, plus editions of the Battlefield TAG and Battlefield UNDEAD handbooks. 

So we have continued the tradition, and have published a new edition of the Handbook. This edition sees enhanced maps and two new games.

"Since the release of the first edition of our games ebooks published back in 2008, a great deal has changed in the world of Battlefield Sports, not the least of which is the introduction of our patented technology SATR in 2009 and then the launch of the next generation of this technology SATR2 in 2014. More recently, we launched the third generation of our digital live gaming engine, SATR3 in 2017. Since then we have improved and innovated on SATR3. In 2021, the latest version of the firmware is SATR3.10," said Nicole. 

"This new ebook speaks directly to the Battlefield Operator who is wanting to create thrilling experiences for their customers. These revisited games and missions, are a reflection of the new advances in our technology."   

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