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New Year: New Business Marketing Tips in 2023

New Year: New Business Start-Up Marketing Tips For 2023

If you are running your own Battlefield Business marketing your services is vital. Click here to get the "Quarterly Growth Kit".

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of choices a gamer can make about where to spend their money. 

So, getting the word out about your business early and often is a great way to boost your brand. This will give your business the cut through it needs. 

new business plan
Many people start a new business in the new year. And 2022 will be no different.
Here are the 5 marketing tips that every new Battlefield Business operator should follow to start marketing their laser tag business like a pro. 

Tip 1: Create Attention-Grabbing Icons & Images

Marketing your Battlefield Business centers around getting people excited. It's about showing players why they should be paying for your experience. Your audience is the organizer of an event so pitch your marketing to them. 

Every event needs:
  • an organizer (this could be the Mom or the HR person planning a corporate team building event) 
  • who has a group (live gaming is best played with a MINIMUM of 6 people. Your only maximum is the number of gaming guns in your arsenal)
  • who has a reason or motivation to book (like, say a birthday or work event)
  • with a deadline (say for a buck’s party; it needs to BEFORE the wedding!)
  • and has a budget (you are not a 501-c! Someone’s gotta cough up some moo-lah or nothin's happenin').

But over and above the basics, you need to inspire the organizer. Otherwise, they might just order in pizza and watch Netflix. 

If you have the latest SATR3 tech then you could use the Battle Royale LIVE icon. These icons are available from the Battlefield Sports University, an online resource for operators who use the Battlefield Sports live gaming equipment. 

Alberto from Inkomunikados in Spain changed their Facebook Page's profile image to this icon and immediately garnered attention. 

Or if you want your own, individual, icon jump on FIVVER and for $5 (or thereabouts) you can get someone to create a cool graphic for you. 
Consider what's popular right now in video gaming. What's trending in the first-person shooter (FPS) gamers? Look for patterns and themes. 

Then deliver on what's popular. 

You can use our most popular game formats like:

Or consider what's popular in your local market as a springboard for your live games. 

Curate at least four or five high-quality images from your battlefield. Sure, you can use some of the images in the Image Library in the BFSU to get started. But to stand out from the crowd you'll want your own unique images. 

Each image should give customers an idea of what your battlefield is about. Do you have some fabulous battlefield props? Do you have an awesome forest or arena that you play in? 

Playtest your live games with real people. 

Consider what makes the experience great. Your marketing needs to capture this! 

Tip 2: Produce a Game-play Video Trailer

If there is one thing that is better than still images, it’s a video! 

Take clips of your gamers playing on your battlefield. 

These videos can be used to spark interest in your products and services. 

(Depending on where you live there may be legislation on taking photos and videos of people, particularly children. We include a cause in our Membership Form which gives permission for us to use photos and footage we take. Tip: check your local regulations, if any.) 

The good news is that live gaming lends itself well to creating great video clips. 

Running zombie games? 

Check out our Battlefield UNDEAD trailer. This video clip is around 2 and a half minutes. 

This video clip runs for around 2 minutes, but yours could be shorter. Consider TV commercials they are usually 15 or 30 or 60 seconds. Short videos are popular. You can repurpose them for for YouTube Shorts or TikTok.

While a video trailer is a terrific visual tool to help promote your battlefield. Even just a simple live coverage of your battlefield or arena can also be exciting. 

You can post these videos on your social media channels like Facebook and Instagram and Twitter and of course YouTube itself! 
These videos can entice organizers to book you. 

Your job is to excite and entertain (and explain your style of live gaming). Many people still think "laser tag" can only be that pew-pew game in an indoor arena with neon flashing lights. 

It may take a bit of time for people to understand what live gaming really can mean for them. 

You've only got a few seconds to capture your viewer's interest, so make those seconds count! 

Tip 3: Build / Refresh Your Web Site

The third tip to marketing your battlefield business is to create and publish your own web site. 

  • Content pages (your evergreen info, such as HOME, About Us, FAQ, Prices, Services/Parties Page)
  • Blog pages (you're up to date news)
  • Landing page/s (these are not in the main navigation menu of the rest of the web site but where you direct your google ads or Facebook ad to. Mind you, these Landing Pages can also be done by 3rd party providers!) Landing pages' job is to capture emails of your prospects, so you can communicate with them later. You'll also need an email app to manage & send your emails. I've used MAILCHIMP for my local volunteer sports club because it is free for your first 2,000 followers. 

The web site needs to have these components:

For my Battlefield Business, I use Keap, formerly known as Infusionsoft. (Think of it as the Rolls-Royce of email marketing!) 

A good landing page highlights your battlefield business's USP (unique selling proposition). It also gives your potential gamers extra info and links and explanation. 

The idea is that you'll build a tribe. 

Those customers who simply LOVE what you do. 

As mentioned previously, there are lots of apps that offer "landing page" services, such as popular platforms like Unbounce & Leadpages. Go with what works for you and your budget.

Part of the setup of your own website is to buy your own "domain name". This is the name of your DOT COM web site; the idea is that it matches your live gaming business name.

You can purchase a domain name from GoDaddy or another provider. 

Just make sure that your web site domain name is the same as your business's name. If your proposed business's names DOT COM domain name is already taken, then consider a new name! 

Tip 4: Publish a Media Kit

You'll want to spread the news about your new venture far and wide. The fourth tip is to create a press-kit. It is a little bundle of info that you'll have at the ready to distribute to bloggers and journalists.
The Media Kit should include:
  • Several high-resolution images (3 to 5 don't go overboard if the Journo wants more they'll ask)
  • Your logo
  • Press Release (check out the "grand opening” press release template in the BFSU

Tip 5: Get Active Online & Keep Going! 

As well as posting updates and "behind the scenes" stories on your own blog, publish on social media. Consider establishing a YouTube channel of your own as well as Facebook and Instagram. Right now the biggest growing platform is TikTok. Find the best one for your market. 

People love to see people just like them enjoying your products and services. Post images and videos of just that. 

Keep your site and social content fresh. There’s nothing worse than seeing a web page or blog post with the “latest news” from October 2012!

In Summary / Conclusion

Marketing is an important ingredient in successfully starting up a new or expanding a live gaming business.  

In a cluttered market with lots of entertainment options, these 5 marketing tips will help your Battlefield Business stand out from the pack.  What are your marketing plans for your live gaming business this year? Let us know in the comments.