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New Wearable Tech For Adventure Gaming

Quester: New Wearable Tech for Adventure Escapes

QUESTER, a new wearable tech from Battlefield Sports promises immersive, engaging, and thrilling adventures. 

This is a world-first universal live gaming platform. 

The wearable device encapsulates all the functionality of Battlefield Sports' third- generation digital live gaming system, SATR3. Designed for melee encounters, strategy quests, and adventure games. 

quester wearable tech

Wearable Tech For Live Gaming

The live gaming system has more than 300 emulations. 

The Quester is great for fantasy games. Its built for LARPers who want to bring fantasy stories - like Dungeons and Dragons, or Harry Potter - to life. Or Haunted Houses and Escape Rooms with the desire to add a technological edge to their attraction.

Just like virtual games, adventure games with the Quester enable strategic thinking and forward planning and communication with the rest of your team.

Players are able to cast spells at people, track damage & health points, taking into account armor and shields, all in real-time.

Like a live video game, the tech is design to encourage gamers to get outdoor and active. 

The enclosure is weather-resistant so it can be used both indoors or outdoors. 

The game-play mechanics are for very close encounters, short-range gaming. The system does not need the internet or a separate smart phone to operate. 

Quester Specifications

The body contoured enclosure makes the device comfortable to wear on your hip (with a belt). 

The enclosure has a separate battery compartment which takes four AA re-chargeable batteries. 

The box component consists of 15cm length x 10cm width x 5.5cm height (metric).

The box component consists of 5.9” length x 3.9” width x 2.1” height (imperial). 

The weight of the Quester with head sensor and baton - 720 grams.

The weight of the Quester with head sensor and baton – 1.5 pounds.