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New Streamlined Design Battle Box

New This Year: A Streamlined Design Battlefield Prop

Battlefield Sports introduces its newest generation Battle Box. The Battle Box is an essential battlefield accessory.

Battlefield Sports steps into the future with this new design of its classic battlefield accessory. Streamlined exterior for that modern finish. Awesome LED lights which three different color options Red, Blue or Purple. 

The default color is bright yellow to make it easy to see. Operators can order the battlefield prop in “jedi gray” instead. Also, by special order Operators can customize the color so the Battle Boxes can be blue or red, or a custom color. 

streamlined design battlefield prop

The standard issue configuration is with a short antenna. But the battle box can also be fitted with the longer whip antenna [see image].

All devices in the SATR system can be set to act as any other and the Battle Box is no exception! 

This box helps operators run popular missions such as Battle Royale, Domination, and Capture the Flag. 

See the new Battle Box product in detail. 

This box’s renewed design makes it easier to carry and store. In outdoor and mobile locations setting up the field with numerous battle boxes can mean a lot of carrying. Now the boxes won’t rub against each other’s LED lights inside a bag. Plus, they can be stored easily due to their streamlined design.    

Battle Box Specifications

Here are the specifications of the battle box:

  • The dimensions of the casing are 215mm (L) × 95mm (H) × 130mm (W)
  • The Box weighs only 3.3 pounds (1.5kg). Its predecessor was 8 pounds (3.4kg). So this is a big improvement.
  • The unit also includes one re-chargeable battery 7.2 volt (4,000mAh).


If you’ve been thinking of expanding your arsenal’s number of Battle Boxes, stop thinking! Opportunity is calling. 

And you should be calling Battlefield Sports!