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New Laser Tag Industry Report

New Edition of the Laser Tag Industry Report

New Edition of the Laser Tag Industry Report

New Case Studies, New Research: New Laser Tag Industry Report

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The new edition of the Laser Tag Industry Report shows you how new technology changing the live-action gaming sector.

This report is new for this year.  We've researched new and fresh insights. 

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laser tag industry report

The new edition of the Report is out now. Don't miss out on your copy -- complete the form here. You'll be the first to get the new insights.

New & Updated Case Studies 

The report includes a series of case studies, including a new custom project for Games Workshop. Other case studies covers include Microsoft corporate events, video game launches, and theme park attractions.

There is a case study on how a convention center car park was transformed into a gaming labyrinth for a corporate team-building experience with an adventure edge for Microsoft's bi-annual Ignite event.

There is a case study of Nintendo's Splatoon Launch in Chile where a shopping mall was turned into a Splatoon battlefield.

Then there is another of how Warner Bros. Movie World added "Zombie Termination" for their Halloween Haunt season. This was an interactive experience designed for teens and adults, complete with laser guns and zombies (both played by actors and props).

New Market Research & Anecdotal Evidence 

The report also examines the rise and rise of games. It explores new market research and anecdotal evidence, such as the recent convergence between video games and the business of spectator sports. Battlefield Sports has re-invented laser tag games resulting in a brand new “live video game” experience. The Industry Report covers:

  • how digital laser tag can boost your sales
  • the latest trends, insights & innovations in the laser tag industry 
  • examples, statistics, and opportunities.

Battlefield Sports' world-famous live-action gaming system "SATR3" makes other laser tag equipment look basic in comparison.

Using the very latest technology, SATR3 features more than 350 emulations and a huge number of new gamer features.

“We redesigned our laser tag system from the ground up to be flexible. And you can benefit from this flexibility," said Nicole Lander, co-Founder Battlefield Sports.

If an operator wants to run traditional family-friendly laser tag games, they can.

If they want to run fantasy live-action players they can. 

If an operator wants to go with a horror theme, they can. 

We have changed the laser tag industry forever. The key element is variety. There is a convergence between eSports and live-action gaming. 

"The traditional style of laser tag since the 1980s, it's now obsolete. Dead, buried, and cremated,” said Nicole.

Laser Tag Industry Flashback

Over the thirty or so years laser tag has become a staple in family-friendly entertainment. 

It has also branched out into niches such as hard-core civilian milsim and horror entertainment. 

Today there is a convergence of styles with the popularity of eSports and game-play like Battle Royale with live-action role-plays. 

New technology has meant new entertainment options.

The original 1980s Worlds of Wonder Lazer Tag enabled players to play in daylight in their backyard. It came in two models a futuristic high-tech pistol and a high-tech rifle. The game was to shoot your friends' sensors that were separate from the weapons. The system also offered accessories like helmets and caps which had integrated sensors and other accessories like sentinels and mines. Worlds of Wonder even created a cartoon called "Laser Tag Academy" to promote their products. 

And it worked. 

But the Laser Tag industry had a controversial start. 

When laser tag first burst onto the entertainment stage there was huge controversy. You may remember your parents (or grandparents) debating whether or not to buy you a laser tag set for Christmas?

Back then "Lazer Tag" was one of the most popular Christmas toys in 1986, particularly in the USA. 

But pundits said that laser tag glorified gun violence and promoted war-like behaviors in children. 

The truth is kids have been playing "tag" since year dot. 

A stick could be imagined as a gun. The game of “chase” where your “it” is perennial. 

"Hide & Seek" has gone "Hi-Tech". 

The true beauty of early Laser Tag was that it ended the age-old arguments over who was or wasn't hit because the computer sensor on the weapon registered a hit from the infrared beam. 

The early controversy did little to dampen the success and longevity of the laser tag industry.

Laser Tag Industry Outlook: Market Research

While the initial Lazer Tag toys worked in daylight, the commercial laser tag industry originally started in dark, foggy mazes with pew-pew pistols and vests. 

It was not until Battlefield Sports offered the market professional laser tag equipment that worked outdoors that laser tag was played outside as part of the commercial entertainment experience. 

Since then the industry has seen a significant decline in stand-alone laser tag facilities. And there was been, in turn, a surge in multi-activity operations. Laser Tag is now part of the entertainment mix with paintball, high-ropes courses, and mini-golf to name a few.

There has also been a trend for multi-activity Family Entertainment Centers (FEC). Bowling attractions, ninja warrior courses and laser tag combinations are more and more common. Existing venues are adding new attractions like live-action gaming, eSports, and escape rooms to leverage their assets. 

After Covid, many in the laser tag industry are experiencing a bounce back. Post-pandemic people are keen to play again. 

Especially as new technologies offer new game-play options.

The new edition of the Laser Tag Industry Report is out now. 

Do your research. 

Don't miss out on your copy -- complete the form here. You'll be the first to get the new insights.