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New Generation of the World Famous Morita Gaming Gun

World-Famous Morita Sniper / Morita SAW Gaming Guns from Battlefield Sports

world famour morita sniper rifleThe award-winning Australian combat entertainment brand, Battlefield Sports®, introduces its world-famous Morita Sniper Rifle and Mortia SAW.

The Morita gaming gun is one of Battlefield Sports' iconic models int its tournament-grade gaming guns.

It is designed for exceptional performance and durability.

This new model has been designed to deliver massive firepower and has an exciting new look.

It features a new re-designed barrel shroud.

The Morita features a robust aluminum alloy body, a custom trigger for maximum control, and has a powder-coated finish.

"The new Morita's styling will be offered in the standard-issue color hammerburst black," said Nicole Lander, Co-Founder Battlefield Sports.

Hammerburst is a textured black.

"The new Morita is a progressive product which integrates the latest technology breakthrough, our patented digital system - SATR," she said.

copyrigth battlefield sports.com The SATR system emulates 69 different weapons. One popular choice for the Morita is to emulate the Vickers Mk1 MMG.

"This is a progressive-looking product backed by proven digital technology. I am confident that the 2014 Moritas are going to turn some heads," she said.

The new model Morita builds on the Battlefield Sports tradition of quality and functionality.

The stalwart model has been in continuous manufacture since 2002, this being the fourth iteration.

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Morita SniperMorita SAW
Length (tip/stock)900mm | 35.4"900mm | 35.4"
Height280mm | 11"390mm | 15.3"
Weight4.6kg | 10 pounds4.7kg | 10.3 pounds

About Battlefield Sports

Battlefield Sports™ build systems so gamers can participate in combat missions for entertainment. Battlefield Sports™ manufactures gaming guns, sells gaming inflatables, and creates unique battle missions. Millions of games have been played across more than 50 countries. The Battlefield Sports brand has service points in the USA, UK, Netherlands, and is headquartered in Australia.

Battlefield Sports has won numerous awards, including being named in the Exporter of the Year Arts/Entertainment. With more than a decade of experience, Battlefield Sports is the pacesetter in the development of combat entertainment. This year, the company introduces its patented SATR® System. Battlefield Sports is committed to 100% quality in service, design, and manufacturing has CE certification.