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New Electronic Capture The Flag Game


A New Innovation For Electronic Capture The Flag

Global laser tag equipment innovator Battlefield Sports released a new laser tag game in conjunction with their new generation software - Electronic Capture The Flag.

Electronic Capture the Flag is a new twist on the old favorite game of Capture the Flag. Battlefield Sports' new game works for small groups of 6 players or very large groups of 100 gamers or more! It is a challenging and fun game that tests the players' teamwork and strategy and is thrilling for gamers of all ages - from children to teens and adults.

electronic capture the flag game

Electronic Capture the Flag is ideal for a fast-paced frantic game that players readily understand.

The electronic version has several advantages over traditional capture the flag for commercial games such as:
  • The game runs for an exact period of time such as 15 minutes, it does not end when one flag is captured.
  • Using flag boxes which they tag rather than pick up a physical flag there are fewer player collisions
  • Electronic tracking of who has a flag makes it much easier to referee.
  • Winning is easily determined by checking the number of flags captured on each team's flag box which can be done remotely by radio feedback.

Each team receives unlimited respawns from their start point. Each team has a friendly flag box which is positioned on their side of the battlefield but some distance from their medic box. It is very important to set the team on the friendly flag box and on the medic box. In the map below the red flag, the box should be set to team A along with the Alpha team medic box. Blue flag box along with the Bravo medic box must be set to team B.

The goal is to shoot the opposition's flag box and get back to your team's flag box and shoot it. That counts as one point. The team with the most points at the end of the game, wins. 

team building mission briefing for capture the flag

Gold Coast Commonwealth Games Team Building Event 

Staff from the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games recently participated in a team-building day which included the Electronic Capture the Flag game. At this event next to the electronic flag boxes, a Guyana and Australian Flags were placed at opposite ends of the battlefield.

The participants were kitted out in camo outfits. The team had a choice of gaming guns from sniper rifles, to machine guns and submachine guns. 

GOLDOC Project Assistant Kaity Brunston said that it was a fun afternoon to build team morale leading into the Commonwealth Games. "This is a great opportunity to get to know our other team members before the pressure really goes on as the games get closer,” Ms. Brunston said. 

The team experienced a super high energy "Electronic Capture The Flag" game. We ran this game twice; both rounds were won by the team representing Guyana:
  1. Guyana 9-0
  2. Guyana 17-3

During the "Capture the Flag" game participants had access to a Perk Box for each team. This gave the gamers a random perk like body armor or special powers like "Steady Aim" or "Stopping Power". Players got everything from Frying Pans to RPGs. 

If a player got a perk they didn't like they had to wait 60 seconds before trying for a better perk.

GOLDOC player Hannah Walters said it really demonstrated how fun the Laser Skirmish course can be. "Laser Skirmish is a great outdoor activity…and a great cardio workout!" Ms. Walters said.

Embedded photographer Rose Siva, coordinator of the Commonwealth Community Program which is part of the Chamber of Commerce said: "I can really see the teamwork involved in the Capture the Flag game with defenders, attackers, and ambushers!"

In fact, the team building group loved the activity so much they gave Peter Lander aka CO Plan a spontaneous round of applause at the end of the event! 

Game Play - How To Win At Electronic Capture The Flag

Electronic Capture the Flag is one of the most competitive missions that the SATR3 gaming engine offers. The object seems simple: capture the enemy's electronic flag more times than your opposition, while defending your own flag. 

The mechanics of the games is this - when a gamer shoots the flag box of the opposition they need to rush back to their own base and shoot their own flag box, without dying, this counts as one point. 

The team with the most flag returns wins. 

Like most things in live gaming, this is actually more challenging on the battlefield than it sounds. 

Because Electronic Capture the Flag is won or lost as a team each player has a role play in the mission. There are three main roles within each team: offense, mid-field, and defense. 

Say there are 20 people on team bravo then approximately 8 people should be on offense, around 6 people act as mid-fielders and 6 people act as defenders.

Role of the Defenders

The job of the defenders is to protect their team's electronic flag. The electronic flag is actually a box with a sensor. 

While the defenders tend to be in and around their team's flag they can't just hang back waiting for easy kills. Defenders need to defend from in front of the flag box not behind, otherwise, the other team could run in, get a flag and run out before “dying”.

Defenders need to be actively defending their flag against opposition incursions. Defenders can also help the mid-field players to keep mid-field control which means moving forward from time to time. And of course, defenders need to keep their area around their base clear of opposition players so your team's attackers can get back to score. 

Role of the Mid-Fielders

The job of the mid-fielders to blow the berzookers out of the opposition team. Try to take the high ground and have clear fire-lanes to take on the enemy.

Mid-fielders also can scout out the movement of the enemy gamers. Where are they coming from?  Where are the enemy's moving to? 
Midfielders also have an important job of intercepting anyone on the other team that has a flag but has not returned it yet. This one of the best parts of the game where players are chasing the flag bearer. 

Communicate with your defenders and offenders and of course other mid-fielders. Mid-fielders' biggest role is to support the attackers so they can find a safe path back to their team's flag box to bring home a flag! 

Role of the Offense/Strikers 

The job of the strikers to get the electronic flag back to the team's flag box and shoot it to score one point. Running full-throttle down the center path might get that player known as a Kamikaze but it won't help you win a victory for your team.

Be aggressive but strategic.

Cooperate with your mid-fielders to shoot the opposition. After a striker shoots an opposition flag box they shouldn't run directly back to their own base. No. They need to run towards their team-mates. This is where fire support will be. Team-mates can watch that gamer's back. Move as a squad back towards that team's flag box. Working as a team will improve that team's chance of taking the victory. 

Electronic Capture the Flag can be played indoors or outdoors. 

Indoor Capture the Flag

Here is the map for playing Capture the Flag indoors. 
capture the flag indoor map

Outdoor Capture The Flag

The game of electronic capture of the flag can also be played outdoors. 

Here is the map for capture the flag outdoors. 
capture the flag outdoors