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Movie World Adds a Zombie Fest to Fright Nights

Warner Bros. Movie World Adds a Zombie Fest to Fright Nights

Fright Nights fanatics will experience a new frenzied attraction for the Halloween season.

Designed for teens and adults, this season will feature for the first time "Zombie Termination" an interactive zombie termination fright nightsattraction with laser guns.

Zombie Area of Operations - "Zombie Termination"

A large area of operations (AO) within Movie World has been infected by Zombies.

Fright Night enthusiasts must take out the zombies and, if they can, survive.

A squad of 10 to 12 recruits will make their way through a brand-new attraction.

​Check out the Facebook video which has been watched more than 22,000 times. 

Be alarmed not just alert as the zombies can infect you. Gamers must go for the "double-tap" to the zombies' heads.

The Fight Nights Halloween Season's entertainment is powered by the patented SATR (small arms transmitter receiver) technology from Battlefield Sports.

"Zombie Termination is full immersion zombie experience. You get a laser gun and test your survival skills. It is unknown how many zombies lurk in the fog just waiting for you. If you’ve got nothing to hide, you should have nothing to fear as you experience the Zombie Termination attraction," said Nicole Lander, co-Founder Battlefield Sports.

zombie termination mission briefing Zombie Termination: Mission Briefing 

Suit up, weapons at the ready and head in the game.

It is all about team work and determination in this frightful fight.

You will need a different kind of strategy, because how do you survive when your target is already dead?

Don't miss Zombie Termination, a first-of-its-kind interactive attraction, that puts your squad in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, armed only with a laser gun to try to save your buddies and yourself.

Opening night is September 30th and the Fright Night season will continue every Friday and Saturday evening in October.

​For more information and to book tickets, visit Fright Nights