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More Language Options With Laser Tag System SATR3

Now There's Support for up to 21 Language Sound Effects

The ability to have the equipment interact with gamers in their local language is vital to an operator's success. In the previous SATR2 laser tag system had sound effects in 10 of the world's most widely spoken languages, plus 9 variations on English (with different accents and semantics) and a language-neutral "arcade" sound scheme.

language support

Now With SATR3 there is more than 11,000 SFX

In addition, the SFX can be customized at point of manufacture. Now with the new SATR3 laser tag system there are even more languague options, supporting 21 languages plus arcade and plus custom languages.

The languages offered in the SATR3 system are stored on a high-powered 16 GIG Sound Card. They are:

  1. US English – Female (this is the factory default, the factory default is the Battlefield LIVE theme)   
  2. Custom (you can have your own language, you will just need to provide us certain sound files when you order. Please discuss this with your local consultant.)  
  3. Horror - US English – Male (for the Battlefield UNDEAD theme) 
  4. Arabic (this language has a limited number of pre-recorded phrases) 
  5. Chinese/Madarin
  6. German/Deutche
  7. French
  8. Italian
  9. Japanese
  10. Portuguese
  11. Russian
  12. Spanish 
  13. Vietnamese (this language has a limited number of pre-recorded phrases) 
  14. Laser Tag English (this has a US English-Female accent and changes voice sounds and display settings to Laser Tag)  
  15. British English – British Female (for the Battlefield LIVE theme) 
  16. US English - Male (for the Battlefield LIVE theme) 
  17. Arcade (SFX only no words)
  18. Zombie - Male US Accent (for the Battlefield UNDEAD theme)  
  19. Armored - Female US Accent (for the Modern AFV theme) 
  20. Military - Female (for the Milspec theme) 
  21. Monster - Male US Accent (for the Battlefield UNDEAD theme).

The "Arcade" sound scheme is the latest innovation to SATR SFX. The Arcade sound scheme plays musical sound effects instead of spoken words and therefore is language-neutral. In other works it is independent of a specific language so can be used anywhere in the world. the Arcade sound scheme has sound effects consistent with classic fast action arcade games. Remember Pinball sounds? The emphasis with Arcade sound scheme is on fun.

Likewise the "Laser Tag English" sound scheme is for those operators that need something more family-friendly than the other sound schemes in SATR. Instead of SFX like "Casualty" and "Kill confirmed" the unit issues SFX like "tagged" and "de-activated". This change in semantics is important, depending on your customer's cultural background.

The custom languages we have done to date are:

  • 1. Danish 
  • 2. Catalan
  • 3. Basque
  • 4. Danish.

The sound quality has also been improved, files are now in the 22050hz 16 bits, Mono wav format.