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Monitor Game Results from a Master Controller

Manage Live Games With The Master Controller

Game Results via the Master controller 

Game Results in Real Time

The Master Controller is your portable control device that allows the operator efficient and comprehensive control of the game.

The Master Controller comes with a handy strap. Now with the new generation laser tag gaming platform, SATR3, Operators can get team results in real-time on the Controller screen. 

Seen right the screen shows under "Role List' results for Medic Box 1 and Medic Box 2.

It shows "B" for Bravo team got 3 re-spawns. 

It shows the "A" for Alpha team got 1 re-spawn.

Please note that the 627 and the 1518 numbers are the unique SATR Identification number. (Each unit on the battlefield has its own unique ID number.) 

results on the master controller screen

How The Real-Time Monitoring of Results Works

When a Battlefield Operator kicks off a request "monitor" for medic boxes it will then return a list of all the active medic boxes on the same battle to your Master Controller screen. 

The list will shows the number of re-spawns and the team letter. An Operator can then to refresh the results in real-time by just pulling the trigger twice. This gives the Operator an update on each medic box's status. This monitoring mechanism also works for flag boxes (capture the flag game) and vault boxes (for the heist game).