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Make this YOUR Year

Make this Year YOUR year - Make this Year your time to make a Change

reasons to changePotential battlefield operators need to be prepared for life beyond the nine-to-five drudgery long before they log off for the last time. Often people who want to start their own battlefield business just think about getting over the hurdles of everyday life with little thought about what entrepreneurship has to offer.

But a spark of “what if?” comes along and then operators start down the pathway towards owning their own business.

“We encourage prospective battlefield operators to consider their gaming career aspirations from early on, arming them with the information and tools they need to make an informed decision,” said Nicole Lander, co-Founder Battlefield Sports.


Get thinking about the types of things that drive you and make you feel good. Is it working with teens? Is it loving the latest gaming technology? Is it traveling? Is it working outdoors? “Consider which theme suits your interests; it a military-simulation theme, a family-friendly theme, or a zombie/horror theme, or simply a combination of them all?” asks Nicole Lander. Don’t fall into the trap of simply following in the footsteps of others or feeling pressure to go a specific career path that isn’t really suited to your skill set or personality.

“If the job you have now is not where your passions lie then it is unlikely to turn out to be the best for you,” said Nicole.  


Research the industry to understand exactly what a battlefield business involves. Ask questions, talk to people who know the industry. It all helps get a more realistic view of what the business entails. If possible play Battlefield LIVE in the next country or across the State to experience the game for yourself.


Make a plan. Break down your plan into step by step actions so you know what you need to achieve your goals. The most important thing is knowing what you are heading towards, what you want to move towards. That way you’ll keep your goals on track. It is said that 80% of workers in their 20s, 64% of 30-somethings, and 54% in their 40s want to change careers.


Choosing a battlefield business is more than just a job. “Ask yourself do you love what you do? Ask yourself are you keen on growing and developing your very own battlefield? Then make this year YOUR year!” said Nicole. “Access your interests and evaluate your skills. Brainstorm ideas for starting a battlefield business. Conduct a preliminary comparative evaluation of various equipment suppliers. Then enjoy your journey making your dreams a reality. It is an exciting time to be a part of the rapidly growing live gaming industry.

Ask yourself, how you can grab your share?