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Live Gaming in a Nightclub


Battlefield LIVE at the Disco - LIVE Gaming in a Nightclub

Doof-doof. Lights. Music. And... Gaming Guns!

Battlefield LIVE has often entertained gamers in raves and concerts.

night club gaming This is a First Person Shooter in a nightclub. Battlefield LIVE has been playing to clubbers across Australia.

Destroy all Lines is an Events Management company that organizes events and entertainment aimed at young adults at local night clubs. They have promoted a series of "Camo Laser Hunt Party" hotels including the Colonial Hotel. Destroy all Lines were so happy with their initial event they are now up to their fifth booking and are planning many more for the future.

The Oh Hello crew also booked Battlefield LIVE for their Christmas Party.

We were approached by their event management team as they were looking for a fresh new activity that could be run in-house.

Choose your Weapon - Cobra

But what gaming guns work best in a nightclub? Gamers usually get 10 Black Cobra phasers, all with red dot scopes. And the clubbers play a series of short games, like a round-robin.

The Cobra with Scope is the perfect phaser for this group because it is nice and light for female gamers but also has the red dot scope which is really effective at in the darkness of a night club.

How to Run a Battlefield LIVE Event in a Nightclub

The best game to play in a nightclub is the "Domination Game" using SATR2.

Recreate a section of the nightclub into a battlefield maze where gamers can enjoy a game of Laser Tag, have a dance to the local DJs or live band and enjoy a beverage.

Play a series of 5-minute games using 10 gaming guns (5 vs 5). This format is great in a small space. Run lots and lots of rounds.

It is a party and it is intense!

To set up the gaming area use the HERO inflatable supplemented by laser tag inflatables. A full urban environment is needed because the Dance floor is empty.

To see more photos of the Battlefield LIVE at a Night club, see our Facebook page.