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Light Effects offer Hit-Feedback in SATR


Hit-Feedback with Light Effects in the SATR system

SATR, which stands for Small Arms Transmitter Receiver, is well known for its sound effects which give gamers instant hit feedback in any terrain. The system also offers great light effect feedback too.

red dot scope offers light hit feedback In SATR a battlefield operator can disable the voice feedback SFX on boot up. An operator might do this because they are playing a night fighting mission or a stealth mission and want to make it hard for the op-for to locate a gamer’s position.

In this case, a gamer can still get immediate hit-feedback just with the light effects.

This is done via the red dot scope.

The Battlefield Sports red dot scopes are uniquely designed to integrate with the SATR system. They are powered by the system's main battery so if you turn the gaming gun off with the key, the scope is also turned-off. Operators don't need to worry about having two batteries, or their staff forgetting to turn the scope off.

Light effect feedback is one of the elements in our patent. The technology is patented in Australia and the USA and is also patented in the UK/EU.

Light Effect Feedback: Here’s how it Works

In a standard playing mode when a gamer tags another player the red-dot will flash twice to indicate you’ve got them.

Of course this only works for a powered scope. If a gamer is using a telescopic scope, for example, which is not illuminated this feature is not available.

Most Battlefield Sports gaming guns come standard with integrated red-dot scopes. So that a gamer, even without sound effects, knows when they’ve made a hit.

  • The red dot flashes on and off twice when a gamer shoots someone but doesn’t deactivate them.
  • The red dot flashes four times when a gamer shoots and kills an opposition gamer.