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Launch of the New HB14 Sub Machine Gun

Challenge Op-For & Win with the New HB14

You spoke - we listened!  Introducing a new model that gamers want to see from Battlefield Sports. We have built a new gaming gun model that is great for battlefields across the globe. Battlefield Sports is very happy to announce our brand new model the HB14 sub machine gun. Actually the HB14 is so powerful it is more like a Personal Defence Weapon.

It is the latest addition to our milsim range that’s straight out of the latest video games.

Peter Lander is rekindling our sense of adventure with a new addition to the Battlefield Sports’ range of practical, robust, gaming guns by introducing the new HB14 PDW.

The HB14 is built for commercial applications. It is the latest in Battlefield Sports' milsim themed gaming guns line-up.honey badger HB14 smg

“At the heart of our enterprise is about promoting a renewed spirit of adventure gaming and a love of live gaming,” he said.

You asked for:

  • A milsim model - inspired by the latest video games
  • Model good for CQB
  • Robust build
  • Realistic looking gaming gun
  • Light weight 
  • Suitable for younger players but also realistic look and feel for the older gamers
  • Able to play for hours and hours with a long lasting battery.

SATR is patented in Australia and the USA and is patent pending in the UK/EU. One of the great features of the technology SATR2 is that you can switch your entire arsenal between Indoor and Outdoor mode with a quick zap from the Master Controller.

This new gaming gun is suitable for both indoor and outdoor live gaming.

“We empower people to get live gaming, work as a team, and embark on creating lasting memories,” he said.

Engineered for Heroes

The HB14 is designed, engineered and made in Australia.

Despite its diminutive proportions the new Honey-Badger’s rugged design is powerful enough to challenge opposition-forces and win.

This gaming gun is a vital tool needed to achieve your squad’s objectives.

Whether you’re negotiating your way back to your base-camp or scanning the area for enemy the HB14 never struggles to lay-down fire.

Its compact size means you can engage the enemy in close quarters battles but it can also be  effective at standard combat ranges. 

The model has a long effective range which is no mean feat for a gaming gun that’s only 2.2kg (5lbs).

The new model features a 50mm mylar speaker and a 40mm lens.

It is powered by a robust and long-lasting 7.2volt NiMH rechargeable battery. It can be ordered with or without a forward hand-grip.

Honey Badger 14 Sub Machine Gun

“Our intersection of utility and aesthetics has helped raise our international profile,” said Peter Lander, Founder Battlefield Sports.

“The technology behind this new gaming gun is patented. At Battlefield Sports we marry robust design in the cases with innovative technology with our SATR software. SATR 2 comes standard with all new Honey Badgers. It is a continuation of our drive to innovate and improve,” said Peter.

 HB14 Features
*Latest SATR 2.0 software installed, as standard.
*Light weight without design and build being compromised
*Compact design - Great for CQB
*Realistic looking gaming gun from the milsim range inspired by the Honey Badger from Call of Duty
*Robust build
*Light enough for junior players but cool enough for adult gamers
*Customizable with changeable parts, optional forward hand-grip, or add a tactical torch
*Strap option for younger players
*For sound quality 50mm Mylar speaker
*40mm lens for long range gaming
*4,000 NimH long lasting battery
*Upgrade Port for hassle free upgrades
*Charging Port for hassle free battery re-charge (no need to take the battery out of the unit to re-charge)
*Wired red dot scope included, as standard
*Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor venues
 Length: 43cm / 16 inch
 Width: 30cm / 11 inch
 Weight: 2.2kg / 4½ llbs

"The HB14 is an awesome addition to our site, based on the Honey Badger and as featured in Call of Duty the players can’t wait to get their hands on it! The HB14 is super light weight, weighing in at 2.2kg means it is suitable for our junior players but also cool and realistic enough for our adult players. For CQB this is the model! With a 50mm Speaker, means great SFX, built robust and tough enough for outdoor use. Love the idea you can customize the gun to suit it up, change fore-grips, add torches and other accessories! Battlefield Sports have exceeded my expectations on design and build, it’s all about the player experience and the HB14 is just awesome," said David Pointin, Lasergaming Oxford, UK.

For a limited time to celebrate the launch of the new HB14 gaming gun this model is on sale at 10% off. Contact your local consultant for details.