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Laser Tag on Steriods

Intrepid Reporter Madison Gardner Discovers 'Laser Tag On Steriods'

The team from Channel 9 and 10 sent reporter Madison Gardner to find out about Laser Team Challenge. 

Laser Team Challenge is boosting the Michigan economy and attracting gamers from across, not only the State but across the country, for a different laser tag experience.

Owner Jim Makowske said “This is like laser tag on steroids. We have a lot of people come here with certain expectations and they leave here with a totally different understand. [As] a matter of fact we kind of ruin it for a lot of [other] laser tag places because once peolple come here they don’t want to go to any other laser tag place.”

laser tag on steriods
Laser Team Challenge has been running with Battlefield Sports laser tag equipment since 2010. The operation offers both indoor and outdoor experiences. In particular they play in an 100 year old building. This 45,000 square foot, three story building offers terrific game play. Just like a live video game. 

Gamer Christian Vinz says, “I’ve played at some of those little zap zone areas – there is no comparison. I love this place. I’ve been coming here for the last 3.5 years – there’s nothing like it.” 

Owner Jim was impressed with the technology. "The SATR programming is working great. We particularly like the Master Controller's ability to change gun classes and indoor/outdoor (since we do both). Our gamers really like the ability to randomize of the gaming guns with the Mystery Box. It enables us to change up a traditional game – keeping it fresh. We discovered that new mission moves everyone back to the original class and weapon setting – which was a brilliant programming decision!"

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IMAGE SOURCE: 9 and 10 news