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Laser Tag Equipment Made in Australia

The Green & Gold is Going Gangbusters 

Laser Tag Equipment Made In Australia From Battlefield Sports

Battlefield Sports Laser Tag Equipment Is Made In Australia & Exported All Over The World

Products made in Australia are known for their quality. Nowadays buying laser tag equipment knows no borders. Battlefield Operators want the best, no matter where the equipment is made. 

What are the advantages of manufacturing in Australia?

Australia has a reputation for clean, quality products that are made to exacting quality standards. 

Australia is famous as a land of breathtaking beauty.

However, it is also becoming more well-known for its creative industries and a center for arts and entertainment.

made in australia

Bespoke Manufacturing Means Battlefield Sports Products Are Customized & Affordable 

Without the mass production lines of Chinese manufacturers, Battlefield Sports is able to innovate.

"We believe in continuous improvement, in being agile to keep up with market demands and launch the latest innovations in laser tag technology," said Peter Lander, Founder of Battlefield Sports.

Battlefield Sports was recently named Export of the Year in the Queensland iawards, Australia's prestigious award program for innovation.

Battlefield Sports equipment is genuinely Australian. While some hardware components are produced elsewhere the core software, its designs, and manufacturing assembly are all done in Australia.

The "Australian Made" brand is well known for food and wine but many other goods and services made in Australia are also world-class. Australia not only has rich national resources it also has a wealth of technology and scientific resources.

A local success story, Battlefield Sports, boasts nimble live gaming engineering making valuable inroads across its traditional markets of North America and the UK / Europe.

In recent years, Battlefield Sports has extended its impact across the Middle East, South America, and Asia.

Battlefield Sports is preparing for an even brighter future. Battlefield Sports has plans to build on its patented technology, SATR. The group is driven to succeed.

And its love of gaming and sport it will continue to build on its made in Australia roots.

Battlefield Sports' development has been forged through its enterprising spirit and will continue to innovate.