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It's Thanksgiving & I Have A Grateful Heart

It Is Thanksgiving & It Is A Time To Share & A Time To Be Grateful

chuck e cheeseIt's thanksgiving and I would like to share you a little bit of my journey. My first job right out of high school was at Chuck E Cheese. I applied for one of the few jobs up against 300 other applicants. I remember I was 17 years old, i had just gotten my driver's license, and i drove my Datsun 180b to a south-side suburban shopping mall and lined up for 2 hours for the job interview.

I was literally quivering with nerves as I slid into the American Dinner like booth to talk with the manager. I knew how many people had gone in front of me and I looked past the guy's shoulder and saw the line-up snake out the door. But I was enthralled I had never seen a restaurant like this, with amazing anamotronics that sang and the smell of just cooked pizza. Long story shot I was delighted to get that job. Because I really needed the money to work my way through university. But I also loved the atmosphere, despite the ribbing from my co-workers I used to sing along with the anamatronics "Let's have a Party" as I served the families their pizza.

I worked at Chuck E Cheese as a mascot and a server so I was used to hosting loads of birthday parties. When I was studying at uni i had up to 4 part time jobs at the one time, to pay my way through college.

When we first started my Laser Tag business it was just after the Dot Com Boom went Bust. I remember back then, when we got the cash in from the weekend parties we would rush to the bank on Monday. I still remember when a Chinese restaurant in town who had just won the American Express Platinum Fine Dining Award booked us for their Christmas Party, I remember thinking "We've made it!"

Since our humble beginnings we have always put a lot of emphasis on the game play. Because while someone might try a laser tag center for one time, but if you get the customer service and the game play and the equipment and facilities right as a mix then people will re-book again and again.

Datsun 180bWe have 10 full time employees at headquarters with a handful more casuals. I have to say they are the most passionate, hard working people. The real strength of Battlefield Sports is a terrific team, if we have great products then everything else is much easier.

"Battlefield Sports has been leading innovation in our industry sector for many years now, and that is something I'm really proud and thankful for. The most exciting thing is if I see someone playing with our laser tag equipment and enjoying the experience I get such a thrill. My gosh! Real people, real moms, have chosen Laser tag for their child's birthday party or real people have chosen us for their corporate team building or a sports team celebration or whatever - that is a thrill. I love waking up on Monday to go to work. If that is how you feel about going to work, you don't really have a "job". It is a privilege for me to contribute to Battlefield Sports and the laser tag industry. I feel honored that someone like me can going from working as a server at a Family Entertainment Center to owning a business that provides the products that entertains the people at the FEC. We are lucky to live in a country that offers these opportunities. I have a very grateful heart that this has been my journey.