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Innovations in Laser Tag Technology

Latest Innovations in Laser Tag Bring a Realistic Gaming Experience to Life

The Battlefield Sports brand of Laser Tag has changed alot since the first innovations back in the 1990s. Improvements in technology over the years as well as an expansion in locations worldwide have meant that laser tag's appeal has grown to a wider audience.

nicole lander - laser tag innovations The latest innovations in the laser tag sector is towards realistic gaming experience as part of a multi-activity offer.

  • Outdoor laser tag is often experienced with various other activities, like high-roles courses, rock-climbing, and archery, even go-karts.
  • Indoor laser tag is often a mix of attractions such as with bowling, miniature golf, karaoke, or skating.
  • Mobile laser tag is often seen as part of the offering of Video Game Trucks.
  • Zombie laser tag is now more and more a part of Haunted Attractions.

The Battlefield Sports SATR laser tag system, uses patented hit-feedback peer-to-peer meaning the system does not have a central computer.

Traditional laser tag was played in a dark, foggy maze where you shoot somebody, their gaming gun deactivates for a few seconds and you are rewarded with points.

The Battlefield Sports game turned this one its head.

game statsWith gamers being allocated a set number of hit points (just like in a video game) and if you have been shot, say 5 times, then the gamer must retreat to their base camp for a respawn.

The gaming guns have an integarted LCD display, authentic light and sound effects, with digital-radio real-time statistics.

An Experience of a Modern Multi-Player Shooter is Brought to Life

The gamer gets real-time scoring their health, kill count, time left in the mission, and ammunition count. The SATR system emulates 69 weapons with authentic rates of fire, reload times and ammo allocation.

"The most popular game is "Domination" SATR records real-time "owns" via so you know when you've hit the objective, this updates the gamer's screen. Tthe Domination Box itself records how long each team is in control, automatically, just like a live video game," said Nicole Lander, co-founder at Battlefield Sports.

SATR game play is enhanced with additional game devices for in-game perks such as the Ammo Box which acts as an Ammo Dump, and the Mystery Box which can upgrade (or downgrade) a gamer's weapon.

In addition to syncing game information across the devices, the real-time hit feedback is core. The SATR system means you know when you've got someone no matter the terrain.

SATR records each gamer's Kill/Death ratio (K/D ratio) and Assist/Wound ratio (A/W). The system can also be configured to a more family-friendly theme so the "Casualtyies" become "Tags" and the "Kills" become "Deactivations" (as shown on the display above).

The Gaming Gun software emulations are categorized into four classes:

  • hand-gun
  • SMG
  • Rifle
  • LMG.

The idea is that the gaming gun model should match the weapon emulation, what you see is what you get. A smaller gaming gun, such as a Sub Machine Gun, has a shorter a range than a sniper rifle.

The SATR Spitfire for example has a standard combat range of around 300ft (80m).

The SATR Morita Sniper has a standard combat range of more than 500ft (150m).

New Innovations & Technology for 2020

Never resting on its laurels the team at Battlefield Sports have some new and exciting innovations and new technologies planned for 2020.

Stay tuned!