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Incoming! BFS launches new SATR Software

Incoming! Battlefield Sports Unleashes New Software for the Honey Badger

honey badgerRenowned live gaming software developer and laser tag manufacturer Battlefield Sports is kicking off the New Year by releasing a new release of its patented laser tag system SATR.

Battlefield Sports has a history of tapping into the live gaming zeitgeist with its innovations.

SATR which stands for Small Arms Transmitter Receiver is the company's the world famous patented technology.

This month Battlefield Sports has started 2016 with a bang by launching its new SATR 2.2f release.

The team have again tapped into the spirit of our time with the addition of software support for its popular gaming gun (hardware) model, now with software Weapon Emulation support for the Honey Badger.

This new software supports action packed game play filled with cool sound effects.

This new software version now enhances the live game play of the Honey Badger laser tag gun model, offering two unique features with the ability to change from sub sonic to super sonic mode and back again.

The super sonic mode is the default.

This default mode is long range and has the normal muzzle flash.

The software also now has a cool sub sonic mode which is short range, but with reduced (but not eliminated) muzzle flash and a lower sound volume effects, ideal for stealth work.

This is a brand new feature of the SATR software.

To change mode, the gamer holds the black mode button down and then pushes the reload, it will cost the gamer a magazine.

The expected game play style is move up in stealth mode and then when the enemy has detected you switch to super sonic mode.

Looking To Replace the MP5

The original, real-world, Honey Badger was made by Advance Armament Corporation (AAC). It was launched back in 2012 and was initially created by request of the special operations community and Special Forces operators who were looking for a familiar weapon system to effectively replace guns such as the Heckler & Koch MP5 and other similar Personal Defence Weapons.

This new system had to be light weight, prepared for sub sonic round for suppressed sound and flash, reliable .30 caliber compatible, low recoil and have the ability to penetrate barriers with a high mass projectile.

PDW Innovations

The .300 Advanced Armament Corporation blackout cartridge was specifically developed for the CQB environment and suppressed use.

The subsonic 220-grain load offers significant improvement in terminal ballistics over traditional 9mm loads.

The .300 AAC Blackout also gives the user the option of using the 125-grain supersonic match ammunition for engagements at extended ranges, something the 9mm round does not have.

Battlefield Sports Innovations

Likewise this live gaming version of the Honey Badger from Battlefield Sports is also a light weight PDW.

A replacement for the MP5 is just what the new Battlefield Sports Honey Badger software, in concert with its gaming gun HB14 model, delivers.

The Battlefield Sports' SATR Honey Badger can fire either a super sonic or sub sonic ammunition. Super sonic functions at long range. And the sub sonic operates at short range with reduced muzzle flash and a quieter shooting sound effect.

To change ammunition type gamers, need to press the mode (black) button, while depressed the player then needs to press the reload (red) button. Changing modes uses a complete magazine.

To find out how to get a hold of this new software release, contact your local consultant.