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In-Game Perks: Weapon Box

Battlefield Sports' SATR offers In-Game Perks: the Weapon Box

The Weapon Box gives you as the Battlefield Operator as well as live gamers the opportunity to run more advanced scenarios and do this with a minimum staffing requirement.   

Battlefield Sports' goal is to continually enhance the gamer experience while simultaneously driving down the cost of operations.

SATR, which stands for "Small Arms Transmitter Receiver" enables gamers to play out live-action missions, these missions can be themed such as a battle scenario or a zombie scenario.

Gamers can play a simple Domination game, a simple battle between Alpha clan (the red team) versus Bravo clan (the blue team).


in game perks weapon box For a more challenging scenario, game gamers can use the perk the "weapon box".

A weapon box is used to provide a weapon emulation upgrade.

Unlike the Mystery Box which is a random upgrade (or downgrade). The Weapon Box enables an exact weapon change.

Typically gamers might start with a semi-automatic rifle (e.g Dragunov SVD or FN FAL) and try to get to weapon box to receive an upgrade to an automatic rifle (e.g. AK47 or FN Minimi / M249).

So a gamer can start out the mission with a Dragunov SVD semi-auto rifle which has 10 rounds per magazine and 3 spare magazines. And if they get to the weapon box upgrade to an AK47 which gives them 30 rounds per magazine and 6 spare magazines.

Likewise, gamers on the other team could be issued with a gaming gun at the start of the mission with an emulation of an FN FAL. This would give them 20 rounds per magazine and 10 spare magazines. If they got to their Weapon Box then with the press of a button their gaming gun emulation could be upgraded to a FN Minimi which would give them 200 rounds per magazine and 7 spare magazines. A huge upgrade!

The Battlefield Operator can pre-set how many upgrades are available at the Weapon Box.

For example, if there are 20 gamers on the Alpha Clan then the Battlefield Operator might select 10 or 20 upgrades.

Operators can also set the box to perform an unlimited number of upgrades.

Within the SATR system, Battlefield Operators can choose between 69 different weapon emulations.

There is a broad selection of handgun, submachine gun, rifle, and machine-gun emulations.

Find the Weapons Cache

The Battlefield Sports’ Weapon Box is inspired by missions in which a gamer must find a weapons cache and upgrade their weapon.

It adds thrill to a live-action scenario game.

The Battlefield Sports’ Weapon Box is usually a metal box with a sensor embedded in resin on its lid, together with several colored buttons, and a handle on its side.

In order to activate the Weapon Box, a gamer must be next to the box and press the green button. The computer inside the Weapon Box will automatically give the gamer a "weapon upgrade".

The Battlefield Operator can pre-set this box to change to any emulation.

This process takes a few seconds.

The Weapon Box is just one of the new in-game perks available with Battlefield Sports’ SATR.